Thank you for your interest in our Student Government Association Election. This information  includes the rules and regulations, as well as pertinent information that will help you with the start of your campaign.

Things to Note

  • Elections will be held during a designated week in April.
  • Voting is done entirely online so we do not have polling places.  However,  A special voting computer display/ area may be set up to generate interest at each campus.
  • Students may vote from any computer that is linked to the internet and has access to the Bucks website.
  • You can vote by clicking on a link that will be disent yo your Bucks email.
  • How to vote? Go to the "How To Vote" link under Student Government Home page. You will get instructions on how to vote.

Each elected position will be decided by the official Student Government Association Election. All candidates MUST complete the Student Government Association Election Information and Candidate Application Packet. Once the packet is completed and turned into the Student Life Office for review, the student will then be recognized as an official candidate. The student will have their name placed on the electronic ballot as well as any biographical material, Campaign Essay (Platform), and photo the candidate submits.

To become an official candidate, you must

  • complete the  Election Information and Candidate Application Packet
  • submit a Campaign Statement
  • submit a photograph
  • meet all deadlines
  • We prefer you email the completed packet to Carol Brandt at or .

Write-in Candidates

A write-in candidate is a person who is running for office but has not completed the registration process and Election Packet. They must meet all of the qualifications for candidates listed above. Since a write-in candidate can decide to run during the election, they will not have their name placed on the election ballot or on the election website, nor will their biographical material, platform essay, or photo be places on the election website. Names of write-in candidates will be reviewed for validity. Write-in's must meet all requirements before they are permitted to accept the position.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Matt Cipriano
Carol Brandt
Phone: 215-968-8257
Fax: 215-968-8464