Educational Enrichment Programs (EEP)

EEP Mission

The sole mission of Educational Enrichment Programs (EEP) is to introduce subject matter considered to have educational value to the students of Bucks County Community College.  The mode will be through speakers, performances, discussions, and multimedia.  Our goal is to graduate well rounded students who are exposed to a variety of ideas and opinions that will assist them in creating their own educated decisions and opinions. 

EEP Speakers Bureau

Educational Enrichment Programs has created a mechanism for faculty to enhance their teaching strategies by finding speakers that will present on topics relevant to the class subject matter.  Slots fill quickly! The EEP Speakers Bureau budgets for a certain number of speakers each year, so it is important that faculty make their request early.

Topic examples:

  • Health
  • Current events
  • Diversity
  • Historical events
  • Personal imporvement

Review some examples of our past programs/ speakers here in the Program Archive:

Need more information? Email Heather Kouveras, Program Developer, Educational Enrichment Programs,  call us at 215-968-8015.