How Textbooks are Selected

The textbook procurement process begins when an instructor, after careful review of current text and others available, fills out a Textbook Request Form listing the textbooks that he/she has selected for classroom use. The instructor lists the expected enrollment and other vital data. These requests are generally forwarded to the Bookstore approximately twelve weeks before the start of classes to allow adequate processing.

How Textbooks are Ordered

The first step is to carefully check the Request Form for accuracy and completion. The number of books that we can expect to sell is based on the known variables that influence sales such as: usage, market demand, expected enrollment, past sales, etc. Once a quantity figure has been established (it can be higher, lower or the same as expected enrollment) the various sources of supply (on hand, buy back, used book companies, and publishers) are evaluated and procedures set in motion to purchase the books. To assist in this process, historical records of sales, enrollments and returns are maintained. Since most students prefer the economy of used books, we attempt to acquire as many as possible. In addition to buying books back from our own students, we purchase a significant number of books from several used book companies.

Out of Stock Textbooks

There are several possibilities why your book may not be available at the start of the semester. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  1. Enrollment is greater than anticipated.
  2. Mistakes made by students, Bookstore, or Faculty.
  3. Publisher unable to supply the books.
  4. Books are lost or delayed in transit.
  5. Books purchased by students enrolled in other courses or other colleges.

Price of Textbooks

Bookstores across the country hear complaints from students that textbook prices are too high. As indicated in the Mission Statement, the Bookstore is required to be self-sustaining. Self-sustaining costs include salaries, security, maintenance and general operating expenses. By maintaining a self-sustaining operation, the Bookstore does not require any funds from the College. At the majority of colleges including BCCC, textbook prices reflect a 25% gross margin with expenses running between 15 and 20% of sales. Simply put, colleges generate 5 to 10 cents for every textbook dollar you spend.

Off Campus Textbooks

Off campus students purchase their textbooks at their off campus site. Textbooks are sold at all off campus locations on the first night of class. For safety and security reasons, students are billed for books purchased; only credit card payments are accepted at site.

E-Textbook Ordering

Online textbook ordering is available for Distance Learning and Continuing Education students only at this time. Please visit the Bookstore for more details.