Intramurals & Recreation

Bucks CCC Intramurals

Bucks County Community College offers an Intramural program open to the college free of charge. Intramurals runs from 12:30-1:30PM every Tuesday and Thursday. The following activities were offered in the fall: Flag Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Ultimate Frisbee and Tennis.

There are no formal practices held by the College. Individuals as well as teams or groups may sign up for the activities. All the activities are open to both males and females. Students are encouraged to submit their ideas for future events to the Intramural Office 102 in the Gym Lobby or email the co-coordinators, Ms. Bhaya or Mr. Coyne.

Fall Schedule

November 2013

Date Event Notes
Tuesday, 5th Basketball  
Thursday, 7th Indoor Soccer  
Tuesday, 12th Open Gym  
Thursday, 14th Competitive Games  
Tuesday, 19th Ping Pong  
Thursday, 21st Badminton  
Tuesday, 26th Open Gym  
Thursday, 28th Kickball  

Centurion Supporters Club Sports

 The CSC sponsors, organizes and runs sporting events and leagues separate from the Bucks' Intramurals Program. The events run throughout the year and are exclusively for the Bucks students and employees. The planned events, tournaments and leagues are listed below.

4v4 Basketball League (Spring)

Cross County Meets (Fall)


4v4 Basketball League

Tuesdays and Thursdays with game times of 4pm and 5pm
Season is from early March-mid April
$20 per player (includes ref fees)
8 games (includes playoffs)
5-7 person rosters (max of 2 current or former collegiate male players per team)
Sign-up as a team or free agent
Pick up information at Student Life Office or send an email to:

2012 Season's Results:

1. Team Marcel (6-2)
2. Team Nike    (4-4)
3. RitterNation  (4-4)
4. Blazers         (3-5)
4. The Faculty   (3-5)

Week     3PM 4PM
#1 Feb 28th Team Marcel-Blazers
RitterNation-The Faculty
  Mar 1st RitterNation-Team Nike
Blazers-The Faculty
#2   6th Team Marcel-The Faculty
Blazers-Team Nike
    8th Team Marcel-Team Nike
(85-91 OT)
#3   20th  Team Marcel-RitterNation
The Faculty-Team Nike
(90-87 2OT)
    22nd Blazers-Team Marcel
The Faculty-RitterNation
#4   27th The Faculty-Blazers

Team Nike-RitterNation

    29th The Faculty-Team Marcel
Team Nike-Blazers
#5 Apr 3rd Team Nike-Team Marcel
    5th Team Nike-The Faculty
RitterNation-Team Marcel
#6   10th  Team Nike#2-RitterNation#3
(92-98 OT)
Team Marcel#1-Faculty#1
(5PM Game Tip Off)
Team Marcel-RitterNation

Team Marcel: 2012 CSC Basketball Champions

 Team Marcel