Premiere Music Performance and Art Unveiling

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Where and When

Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location: Gateway Auditorium & Linksz Pavilion, Newtown Campus



Event Information

Works commissioned in honor of the college's 50th anniversary

Music Performance - 7:00 pm Gateway Auditorium

Art Unveiling - 8:00 pm Linksz Pavilion

Reception follows.

This event is open to the public and tickets are available below. While there is no admission charge for this event, a ticket is required.  Seating is limited.  Please request and print out your tickets by October 1.  For assistance, please call 215-968-8224.


Portraits from the Pub is a modern jazz suite for ten musicians composed by Associate Music Professor Jeff Baumeister. As a hidden tribute to Stella Tyler, the composition is a reconstruction of the melodic and harmonic material found in Victor Young’s classic Stella By Starlight that flows through an array of musical styles from free collective improvisation on bird songs to straight ahead jazz and funk. The work pays homage to Bucks County Community Collegs's music program’s history and wide influence. The October 11th premiere performance by the BC3 Jazz Tentet features faculty and prominent local musicians. The name of the suite is in honor of the classroom where many students were first introduced to jazz.

Building Blocks sculpture by Visual Arts Professor Mark Sfirri. Artist's statement:

"My interpretation is more on the abstract side ... The 'melon' shapes that are stacked up on one another can be viewed as building blocks of knowledge, and that is the key function that we have at Bucks, to impart knowledge.  This is something that begins before a student comes to Bucks, continues at Bucks, and hopefully continues for a lifetime. 

"The bottom of the column has a sphere that is the being.  It is supported by a structure which is family and environment.  On top of that are the series of building blocks with the idea that it is continuous."

Cooper Homestead Collaboration by Ann Geddes and Barbara Korb

A collaborative designed template, interpreted in fabric and in paper, depicting the Cooper Homestead, formerly Stella Elkins Tyler’s art studio, and currently the Bucks County Community College Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning.

The Cooper Homestead wall quilt by Ann Geddes depicts the Cooper Homestead in fabric. It is surrounded by a border that incorporates corner pieces of rosettes in bronze fabric. These are a reflection of rosettes from Tyler Hall and Mrs. Tyler’s bronze sculpture work.

Cooper Homestead: five collages by Barbara Korb depicts the Cooper Homestead in paper. The five paper pieces reflect her more than 40 years at Bucks County Community College, as a student, staff member, and faculty member. She uses hand-decorated paste papers, printed papers, hand drawings and paper ephemera.

Piano photo by David Dzubinski Photography