Alternative Proctored Testing

Students unable to travel to a Testing Center

The instructor may offer the student the option of proposing an alternative proctor. A proctor is an individual who agrees to receive the tests from the student's instructor, administer them in an approved environment and return them to the instructor. The proctor must verify that the student completed the test according to the specific directions of the instructor. Instructors have the option to accept or reject the proposed proctor.  Examples of individuals who may be eligible to serve as proctors are:

  • College or university personnel such as deans, department chairs, professors, librarians, or testing center personnel.
  • Public or private school personnel such as superintendents, principals, guidance counselors, teachers.
  • Other personnel such as civil service examiners, military officers, or Sylvan Learning Center personnel.

Relatives and friends, regardless of their position, are not permitted to act as proctors.

It is the student’s responsibility to make all arrangements for the proctoring of their course, including any fees that may be involved for using the proctor and for mailing the test materials. 

The possibility of using a proctor should be discussed with the instructor first. 

A Test Proctor Form must be submitted for each class in which you have a proctoring need.

  • For courses in which proctored testing is required, provide your proposed proctor with a BCCC Test Proctor Form.