Alternative Proctored Testing Information & Requirements

When a proctored test is required and Bucks County Community College testing facilities are otherwise inaccessible to you, an instructor may offer you the option of proposing an alternative proctor.  Please be aware that most proctors charge for this service and fees vary.  All proctored testing must occur within the United States.  Proctored testing outside of the United States is prohibited.

Student Requirements

You must:

  • discuss the possibility of using a proctor with your instructor(s) before making any alternative proctor arrangements
  • locate an acceptable proctor (see the Acceptable Proctoring Sites section)
  • submit online alternative proctor form below:
    • submit the proposal to the faculty member in advance time for adequate consideration or in the required time set forth by the instructor
    • submit a Test Proctor Form for each class in which you have a proctoring need
    • the instructor may approve or disapprove the proposal based upon the instructor’s assessment of the proposal’s information and verification of the legitimacy of the proposed proctor
  • schedule test with approved proctor in accordance with instructor’s testing time frame
  • pay any proctoring fees

Proctor Responsibilities

A proctor is an individual who agrees to:

  • receive tests from the instructor;
  • administer tests in one of the acceptable proctoring environments listed below;
  • monitor the student during the entire exam;
  • return any testing materials to the instructor; and
  • verify the student has completed the test according to the directions specified by the instructor.  

Acceptable Proctors/Proctoring Sites

To ensure testing integrity, instructors may accept the following:

  • a college or university testing center proctored by testing center staff only
    • other college offices, departments, faculty, and staff are not acceptable
  • a professional testing center (i.e. Sylvan Learning Center) proctored by that center's staff only
  • a local library proctored by that library's personnel (i.e. Librarian) only
    • outside proctors are not acceptable, it must be that library's staff
  • a military base proctored by a station education officer only
  • online through ProctorU
    • available in a limited number of courses, check with your instructor

Relatives and friends, regardless of their position, are not permitted to act as proctors. Private residences are not considered an appropriate testing environment.

Fall BCCC Alternative Test Proctor Form

Winter Session BCCC Alternative Test Proctor Form