Things to Know Before You Enroll

Know your strengths as a learner

For example, if you struggle with face-to-face math courses, then it probably would not be a good idea to start out with an eLearning math course.

Consider which learning modality might work better for you

For example, if you learn well by being able to discuss things and conduct research, but you still need some face-to-face time with your instructor, then a hybrid course might work better for you.

Find out as much as you can about the courses you are interested in

eLearning and Hybrid instructors provide detailed information about how their courses will be conducted.  If you have questions about the course after reading the information, then contact the instructor.

Credit by Exam

Do you already have college level skills?  Do you have college level knowledge in writing, math, management, history, foreign languages, etc.?  Many classes at Bucks are open to challenge by exam.  Visit  Advising is recommended. 

Learn more with a Virtual Campus Webinar Information Session

If you cannot meet or fulfill any of the special requirements that an eLearning or hybrid course may have (on-campus meetings, reliable Internet access), do not register for the course without first contacting the instructor and discussing your situation.