Orientation for Online Courses

Special orientations for eLearning and hybrid courses are offered, and sometimes required:

A course orientation is an opportunity for instructors to provide students with the information they need for an online course. A course orientation can be presented in a variety of ways:

  • Online self-paced - all orientation information is available online for you to complete at your convenience.
  • Online chat - participation is in an online chat room on a specific date and time.
  • On-Campus Meeting - an optional orientation provided by your instructor.

All eLearning and hybrid course orientations, regardless of how they are presented, are designated either Required, Recommended, or Optional.

Failure to participate in a REQUIRED orientation may jeopardize your grade and/or enrollment in the course.

In addition to online course orientations, the College offers general orientation sessions for all new students.  These sessions are offered face-to-face and online.  Face-to-face sessions that offer help with advising and registration to new students are called Advising Sessions.  In the future, online versions of these will be offered as well.

The College also maintains a web page with links to information of particular interest to new students.