MATH105: Mathematics for Educators II
Section: E51     (eLearning)

About This Course

Semester and YearSummer II 2014 / (6 weeks): Jul 7, 2014 to Aug 14, 2014
(See "Getting Started" below for details about orientation)


Kelsey Wiley   Email:
Phone: 215-968-8305

Course Credits

3 credits

Time Requirements

Plan a minimum of 13 - 20 hours per week for your coursework. While online learning courses provide flexibility in time, geography, and travel, the work required for successful completion is identical to that for the face-to-face course.   Your instructor may specify additional time requirements in the "Other information" field below or during your orientation.

Delivery Mode

Web-based course

Official College Course Description

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Student Characteristics

Open to self-motivated, self-disciplined students who can handle college-level work and study independently.

Instructor Provided Course Format

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Student Requirements

This course has the following requirements for students:
  • Other special requirements may apply. Consult "Other Information about the Section" for details.

Getting Started With This Course


Orientation for this course is REQUIRED.
Failure to participate in a REQUIRED orientation, as specified below, may jeopardize your grade.


Your instructor will be handling orientation as indicated below.

Other Orientation Information
Welcome to your E-Learning Course Math 105: Mathematics for Educators II. Instructor: Kelsey Wiley Email: Office: Founders 162. Orientation for this course will be delivered through a PowerPoint. Please check your Bucks email account a few days before classes begin with directions for your Orientation. Once you are familiar with your responsibilities for this course, you will be asked to register in MyLabs. MyLabs is the program that we will be using for this course, we are not using Canvas. Directions on how to navigate in MyLabs will be included in the Orientation PowerPoint. You can purchase the MyLabs access code and your textbook from the bookstore before orientation so that you will have the required code to register in MyLabs. The MyLabs access code is required. There is an e-book available to you in MyLabs. A paper textbook is optional.

Accessing Your Course

MyLab / Mastering

Your course is using MyLab / Mastering by Pearson, which requires the purchase of an access code. This code is usually packaged with a new textbook, but may also be purchased separately from the MyLab / Mastering website if it is not included with your book.

Information about MyLab / Mastering can be found at Please check the Systems Requirements page to verify your computer compatibility.

Your instructor will provide an additional course code you will need to access your specific course.

Purchasing Your Books and Other Course Materials

While you may purchase your books and other course materials from the provider of your choice (using the ISBN number available through the course's academic department where applicable to ensure the correct version), both the campus bookstore and our online bookstore, guarantee that they stock the correct version for your course.

Approximately 3 weeks prior to the start of the session you can use the link below to see the list of books that have been selected by your instructor. If you have any questions about the course materials listed, please contact your instructor or the academic department directly.

Click this link to see the book list for your course.

Other Information about the Course

This course is set up a little differently than other E-Learning courses you may have taken. We will be using MyLabs as the main point of entrance into our course. There is a required access code that must be purchased for this web site. The code is included with the purchase of a new textbook. Textbooks can be purchased at the Bucks County Community College bookstore. There is an e-book available in MyLabs so a paper textbook is optional. All homework and quizzes will be completed using MyLabs. The tests must be proctored at a Bucks County Community College Campus. You will be given a set of dates for when the tests need to be completed. In order to register with MyLabs you must have this access code. All assignments will have a due date. If you fall more than two weeks behind in your assignments, I reserve the right to withdrawal you from the course. The Orientation will help clarify the many questions you may have. It will also be a good opportunity to learn how to navigate the MyLabs site. Please, if you have any questions prior to receiving your email about orientation, feel free to contact me at (Email is the best way to contact me) If you have trouble with the MyLabs program, you can call their support line. 1-800-677-6337. I look forward to working with each of you. Kelsey Wiley