PHYS107: Physics B
Section: E51     (eLearning)

About This Course

Semester and YearSummer III 2013 / (6 weeks): Jul 8, 2013 to Aug 15, 2013
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Lynn McCarty   Email:
Phone: 215-504-8500x6781
Campus Location: Founders room F221

Course Credits

4 credits

Time Requirements

Plan a minimum of 15 - 22 hours per week for your coursework. While online learning courses provide flexibility in time, geography, and travel, the work required for successful completion is identical to that for the face-to-face course.   Your instructor may specify additional time requirements in the "Other information" field below or during your orientation.

Delivery Mode

Web-based course

Official College Course Description

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Student Characteristics

Open to self-motivated, self-disciplined students who can handle college-level work and study independently.

Instructor Provided Course Syllabus

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Student Requirements

This course has the following requirements for students:
  • Read the important instructor supplied information located at the end of this document
  • Other special requirements may apply. Consult "Other Information about the Section" for details.

Getting Started With This Course


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Purchasing Your Books and Other Course Materials

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Other Information about the Course

Requirements for enrollment:

  • Students must have regular, reliable access to the internet with a computer that is properly configured to use Canvas.
  • Students must have access to a scanner so work such as graphs and calculations can be submitted electronically.
  • Students must have met the following prerequisites before enrolling in this course:
    1. Completion of PHYS106 (C or better)

Challenges of E-Learning:

  • Students utilizing the E-Learning mode require strong independent learning skills to be successful. Although there is flexibility about when and where you do your studying, you will find that it takes more time than is typical for a face-to-face course.
  • For a successful summer session, you must be a self-disciplined, highly motivated learner who can spend about 25 hours each week working on activities for our 5-and-a-half week course. We will be covering material that is normally taught over 15 weeks (5 hours/week), so it will feel like three lab courses rolled into one.
Course Activities - students will:
  • Complete the orientation to the course.
  • Share information and interests with classmates.
  • Read information and study figures, illustrations, formulas, and captions in the textbook.
  • View the lectures, demonstrations, and tutorials for each chapter.
  • View/read the instructor's materials for each chapter.
  • Discuss questions on each chapter.
  • Complete collaborative investigations in small groups.
  • Complete self-check homework problems.
  • Take timed online chapter quizzes.
  • Review quiz solutions.
  • Complete virtual laboratory experiments and lab reports.
  • Discuss questions on the labs.
  • Prepare for the midterm exam.
  • Take the midterm exam in the Newtown Testing Center.
  • Review the midterm solutions.
  • Prepare for the final exam.
  • Take the final exam in the Newtown Testing Center.

COLLEGE PHYSICS 9th Edition, Volume II, by Hugh Young, Addison-Wesley 2012; ISBN-13: 978-0-321-76623-6

Exploration of Physics Simulation Library Vol. 1 - This CD is available at the Newtown BCCC Bookstore at a reduced price.


For further information about the course or to learn more about the instructor, please contact the instructor directly: