PSYC190: Educational Psychology
Section: EG1     (eLearning)

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Semester and YearMarch 2011 / (10 weeks): Mar 7, 2011 to May 16, 2011
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Tanya Letourneau   Email:
Phone: 267-421-6347
Campus Location: UBC, Room 128 (Perkasie)

Course Credits

3 credits

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Web-based course

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Open to self-motivated, self-disciplined students who can handle college-level work and study independently.

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This course has the following requirements for students:
  • Read the important instructor supplied information located at the end of this document

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Other Information about the Course

Course Description: This course surveys the nature of the learning process and application of the principles of psychology to the problems of learning and teaching. Individual differences, special problems of learning, and evaluation techniques are among the topics covered. Field experiences are included to acquaint students with an authentic teaching-learning environment.

Course Format: This online course contains 10 weekly lessons. Each lesson will cover the material from one chapter of the textbook and will contain readings, quizzes and an activity or discussion. Discussions, held every other week, will focus on an assigned topic and will provide students with the opportunity to have meaningful exchanges about current issues around educational psychology. Two field experiences will be required. Interactional web resources and video clips will be utilized to enhance the learning experience. Finally, there will be a final paper required for this course. A detailed course format and schedule will be available the first day of the semester.

Attendance: Although the online format allows for scheduling flexibility, there will still be weekly requirements and students will be expected to log on several times a week. Every week there will be a lesson with readings/quizzes/activities/discussions. Students will be required to complete the readings and assignments each week. All assignments will be due by Sunday night (midnight) for each Lesson week.

Instructor Information: My name is Tanya Letourneau and I have been teaching at Bucks for 7 years and in higher education for over 20 years. I am committed to student success and will give each one of you my respect, my time and my sincere intent to provide you with a quality online experience. I am attentive and involved in the online forum and am also available for email, phone and face-to-face consultations in order to insure your success in this course. If you like to thoroughly engage in dialogue with classmates and are open to learning about new, timely and sometimes controversial sociological issues, then you will enjoy this course. And if you are disciplined with good time management skills and have the sincere desire to succeed, then you should do quite well in the class. Please contact me if you have specific questions about this online course.

Tanya Letourneau