Bucks County Community College Student Printing 

Bucks County Community College implemented a student printing procedure as part of a commitment to sustainable practices by facilitating responsible consumption and conservation of resources.

PaperCut is the print management software that is used to track account printing usage and billing.

Students should direct questions and problems with PaperCut to the ITS HelpDesk at 215-968-8191 or 

Student Printing Procedure

Effective July 1, 2015, currently enrolled students will have a printing quota set at $25 for 400 sheets of paper. At a cost of $0.05 for a single-sided gray scale sheet and $0.08 for a duplex (double-sided) sheet, duplex printing is encouraged and will result in a lower total charge for printing. Single-sided pages printed in color will be charged at a cost of $.08 per page.  Printing costs will be automatically deducted from a student’s PaperCut account balance.

If a student uses more than the allotted PaperCut original refund amount of $25 from July 1st to June 30th of the following year, they will need to contribute funds to their PaperCut account balance at the time of account depletion. Students may contribute no less than $2 and no more than $10 to their account at the time of account depletion. Any amount contributed by a student will not carry over past July 1st.

If a student needs to print as required for a course, and the required printing depletes the quota, the student may complete the Student Request for Printing Quota Increase form. The student will provide the academic requirements resulting in a need for an increased printing quota. The print requirement will be verified with the faculty requiring printing. An increase in the student’s printing quota will be determined by the printing requirement set by the faculty. 

Quota Increase Form

Students may request refunds via their PaperCut user account to the original $25 quota if their printing is deterred by circumstances including, but not limited to:

•          Missing print job

•          Printer malfunction

•          Toner issues

Student use of printers and the PaperCut print management application must adhere to the Responsible Use of Electronic Resources section 6.1 of the College Policy and Procedures as required by the Student Code of Conduct ( 

Specialized printers, accessed by Students paying a supplies fee for courses, will not be configured with PaperCut, therefore, students will not be charged for using these printers.

When a student works for a department they should use the department printer, photocopier and scanner. They should not access department printers using their personal account.

Any unused portion of a student’s, student club’s or organization’s PaperCut balance cannot be refunded, carried over or gifted.

Instructions for students on how to use PaperCut to manage printing, request a quota increase or reimbursement can be found at:

The printing levels and limits will be reviewed. Included in this review will be a longitudinal report of student printing levels on campus. As a result of this review, changes to printing quotas and pricing per page may occur.