Faculty/Staff Login Information

Your Username

Your username for all Bucks systems is the same: your last name and first initial, up to 8 characters. If there are multiple individuals whose generated username would be the same, yours may be a variation on this (smithja, for example).

NOTE: If you forget your username, you can retrieve it by using our Find Your Username Form.  Enter either your social security number or your Colleague ID number and your last name, then click Submit.

Your Password and Profile

Before you can access our Bucks systems, you need to set up your profile and create a personal password using Password Manager. This also enables you to retrieve or reset your password or to unlock your account should you need to in the future.

How to use Password Manager

Your password expires every 180 days and will require you to change it within that timeframe.

Your password will need to meet the following criteria:

  • At least 8 characters in length
  • Mixes letters and numbers
  • Mixes upper- and lower-case letters
  • Contains at least one special character (such as !, @, #, or $)

College Network, Computers, Email and Most Systems

A single "active directory" login is used for access to most College resources:

  • On-Campus computer network (all computers and instructor stations on campus)
  • MyBucks Portal (provides access to both Faculty/Staff and Student pages)
  • Faculty/Staff email (Exchange)
  • Canvas Learning Management System
  • Web-based college applications (Course Manager, support requests, various "office" administration applications)
  • Library and proxy resources, including all library databases

If you forget your active directory password, you can reset it or retrieve it through Password Manager by answering the security questions you selected in your profile setup.

MyBucks Faculty/Staff Portal

MyBucks is your one-stop-shop for access to systems and information for Bucks faculty and staff.  Your login to MyBucks also provides you with access to the Student portal pages, so you can see what our students see.  MyBucks uses your active directory login to grant you access.

MyBucks provides direct single-signon access to:  

  • Faculty/Staff Exchange Email via Outlook web
  • WebAdvisor
  • Outlook calendar and To Do

It also provides quick access to Canvas, other instructional systems, numerous applications, College announcements, documents, team sites, and more.

Web Advisor

You should access Web Advisor directly through the MyBucks portal.  You will find it in the right-hand column just below Communication Tools.  When you access Web Advisor through the portal, no further login is required, as it uses your active directory password.

Your account in WebAdvisor automatically grants you access to all roles for which you are authorized (Student, Faculty, Employee, and/or Advisor).

If the MyBucks portal is unavailable, or if you need to print student program evaluations, you can go directly to Web Advisor at https://pebbles.bucks.edu.

Ellucian Colleague/WebUI

Your password for Colleague is managed through Password Manager.

Your Colleague UI account automatically grants you access to all mnemonics and applications for which you are authorized.

Canvas Learning Management System

The Canvas learning management system uses your regular active directory login and password. However, instructor accounts on Canvas are set up by request only; contact Online Learning at 215-968-8052 for details on how to request an account.

Live.bucks.edu and Office 365

Bucks students are provided with accounts on outlook.com under the "live.bucks.edu" domain.  These accounts give them access to email as well as Office 365 for document creation and sharing.  Instructors who wish to use live.bucks.edu collaboration tools with their students may request an account by emailing helpdesk@bucks.edu.  Separate login instructions will be provided to instructors with live.bucks.edu accounts.

Login Assistance

You can reset or change your password or unlock your account yourself, 24 hours a day, by going to the Password Manager and answering the security questions you chose when you set up your profile.

Need Additional Help? Login assistance is available by calling the hotline at 215-968-8191.