Historic Preservation

Certificate Major

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Department of Social and Behavioral Science
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Curriculum Code No. 3127

The Historic Preservation Certificate program of study is primarily occupational, providing opportunities for individuals seeking a career in the field of historic preservation. The program is designed for job placement with students finding employment in the historic preservation field in the offices of: community planners, developers, architects, contractors, realtors, zoning commissions, certified local governments, house museums, private and public research agencies, educational institutions, landscape architects, and historic reproduction businesses. Some students may also take the Certificate in order to enhance their present employment situation.

Graduates of this program are able to

  • understand the theoretical and historical bases of historical preservation;
  • demonstrate knowledge of American architectural history;
  • employ research techniques to document historic sites;
  • apply historic preservation standards and regulations to specific sites;
  • communicate historic preservation values to the general public; and
  • prepare a portfolio that demonstrates ability at entry level in the historic preservation field.

Certificate Requirements

HIST197 History and Theory of Historic Preservation 3
HIST198 History of American Architecture 3
HIST199 Methodology and Documentation 3
HIST201 Building Conservation 3
HIST203 Internship for Historic Preservation A 3
required: 15
Electives: (9 credits required)
HIST194 Historic Preservation Planning and Sustainability 3
HIST195 Introduction to Historical Archaeology 3
HIST202 Law, Taxes and Zoning for Historic Preservation 3
HIST204 Oral History in Preservation 3
HIST205 Restoration Workshop I 3
HIST207 HABS Workshop 3
HIST210 Preservation Field Studies 3
HIST214 Preservation Site Project 3
HIST216 Historic Garden Preservation 3
HIST219 Management of Historic Sites 3
INDP290 Independent Study: Historic Preservation 3
VAFW190 History of American Furniture 3

Recommended Semester Sequence

First Semester

HIST197 The History and Theory of Historic Preservation 3

Second Semester

HIST198 History of American Architecture 3
Elective 3


Elective 3

Third Semester

HIST199 Methodology and Documentation in Historic Preservation  3
Elective 3

Forth Semester

HIST201 Building Conservation 3
HIST203 Internship for Historic Preservation 3

A Course requires prerequisite.