Secondary Education: Biology

Transfer Major

Decisions on the transferability of courses are made by the four-year colleges and differ from school to school. Students enrolled in this major should contact the Transfer Services office early in their academic program to determine which courses will transfer to the college of their choice.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Department
Founders 112 • Phone (215) 968-8305
Curriculum Code No. 1169

The Secondary Education – Biology major is designed for students who plan to teach Biology in a high school setting. The program provides the first two years of an undergraduate degree leading to a baccalaureate degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Biology.

Graduates of this program are able to

  • Recognize and relate the importance of science in daily life experiences.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of fundamental scientific concepts and proficiency in performing basic laboratory techniques.

Prospective students with academic deficiencies should be aware that they will need additional time to acquire the necessary academic background. Prerequisites and corequisites for required courses must be followed.

Degree Course Requirements

COMP110 English Composition I A,C,1 3
COMP111 English Composition II C,2 3
EDUC100 Foundations of Education 3
PSYC190 Educational Psychology 3
COMM110 Effective Speaking C,5 3
PSYC110 Introduction to Psychology 3
BIOL121 Biological Principles I C 4
BIOL228 Microbiology C 4
CHEM121 Chemistry I A,C,3 4
CHEM122 Chemistry II C 4
CHEM221 Organic Chemistry I C 5
CHEM222 Organic Chemistry II C 5
PHYS106 Physics A C 4
PHYS107 Physics B C 4
  Health/ PE elective B 2
  Cultural Perspectives B 3
INTG285 Integration of Knowledge B,C,4 3

Recommended Semester Sequence

First Semester

COMP110 English Composition I C3
CHEM121 Chemistry I C4
PSYC110 Introduction to Psychology 3
BIOL121 Biological Principles I C4
 Health Elective 2

Second Semester

COMP111 English Composition II C3
CHEM122 Chemistry II C4
COMM110 Effective Speaking C,53
BIOL228 Microbiology C4

Third Semester

CHEM221 Organic Chemistry I C5
PHYS106 Physics A C4
EDUC100 Foundations of Education 3
  Cultural Perspectives 3

Fourth Semester

CHEM222 Organic Chemistry II C5
PHYS107 Physics B C4
PSYC190 Educational Psychology C3
INTG285 Integration of Knowledge C3

A Placement testing required; Chem 121 requires taking and passing the Chem Placement Exam and Math120 or a score of 8 on the Math Assessment test
B Consult list Catagory 1
C Course requires prerequisite.

1 Satisfies College Writing Level I
2 Satisfies College Writing Level II
3 Satisfies College Level Mathematics or Science
4 Satisfies Writing Intensive requirement
5 Satisfies Creative Expression requirement