Computer Forensics

Certificate Program

Gainful Employment disclosure information is available for this program of study.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Department
Founders 112 • Phone (215) 968-8305
Curriculum Code No. 3181

The increased use of computers to commit crimes and the growing demand for computer-based data in civil proceedings has created a need for individuals with the expertise to extract useful information from computer evidence. The Computer Forensics program will prepare students for careers as computer forensics specialists who can work with law enforcement, homeland security agencies, law firms, and private companies.

Graduates of this program are able to

  • effectively utilize a commercial software tool to recover deleted files from a computer;
  • evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of various software tools for data recovery; and
  • develop a systematic approach to a computer investigation.

Certificate Course Requirements

CISC201 Managing and Maintaining the PC 4
CISC128 Comparative Operating Systems A 4
CISC113 Visual Basic Programming A
CISC115 Computer Science I A 3/4
CISC114 Visual Basic Programming II A
CISC122 Computer Science II A 3/4
CISC215 Database Design and Application Developmen A 3
CISF110 Computer Forensics I A 3
CISF210 Computer Forensics II 3
CISF102 Cybercrime 3
CRIJ120 Criminal Evidence 3
CRIJ140 Criminal Procedure 3

A Course requires prerequisite.

Since the individual circumstances and backgrounds of students vary, all students planning to complete this certificate program must meet with their assigned academic advisor to develop a planned sequence of courses to meet their individual needs.

NOTE: Computer classes may be expensive. Purchase of equipment may be required