Sport Management

Transfer Major

Decisions on the transferability of courses are made by the four-year colleges and differ from school to school. Students enrolled in this major should contact the Transfer Services office early in their academic program to determine which courses will transfer to the college of their choice.

Department of Health, Physical Education & Nursing
Gymnasium 102 • Phone (215) 968-8451
Curriculum Code No. 1154

The Sport Management major prepares the undergraduate student for a career in sport management, athletics, marketing, campus recreation, intramurals, student activities, as well as other related areas. It serves as a foundation for upper division course work. Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution as a sport management major should plan a major parallel to that of the transfer college.

Students who complete this program will be able to:

  • demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively with others through oral, written, and/or graphic means that apply interpersonal skills and professional attitudes
  • assess, evaluate, and use information effectively and efficiently as lifelong learners in pursuit of personal and professional objectives. This includes interpreting and applying their knowledge of the principles of sport management, marketing, and/or event planning to direct, support or control a sport enterprise
  • demonstrate understanding of basic Sport Management Core work
  • compute with proficiency and confidence, in planning marketing strategies, and/or campus recreation, intramurals and other activities

Degree Course Requirements*

CISC100 Introduction to Computers F 3
COMM110 Effective Speaking G,4 3
COMP110 English Composition I G 3
COMP111 English Composition II G3
HLTH103 Life and Health3
HLTH110 Responding to Emergencies 3
ECON111 Prin. of Economics: Macro 3
SOCI110 Intro to Sociology 3
SPMT200 Intro to Sport Management 3
SPMT201 Sport Marketing 3
SPMT202 Facility Mgt/Event Planning 3
SPMT203 History& Philosophy of Sport3
College Level Math or Science 6
Cultural Perspectives 3
Humanities Elective 3
INTG285 Integration of Knowledge G 3
Physical Education Electives 6
SPMT280 Cooperative Education/Sport Internship G 3

Recommended Semester Sequence

The recommended course sequence is designed for full-time students who average 15 credit hours per semester. Students may need more time to complete major requirements based on placement testing. This additional time will entail some adjustments to the sequence recommended. See catalog for key.

First Semester

COMP110 English Composition I A,G,1 3
HLTH103 Life and Health 53
SPMT200 Intro to Sport Management3
Physical Education Elective B2
Math and/or Science C3

Second Semester

CISC100 Introduction to Computers F 3
COMP111 English Composition II G,23
HLTH110 Responding to Emergencies 53
SPMT203 History & Philosophy of Sport3
Humanities Elective D 3

Third Semester

SPMT202 Facility Mgt/Event Planning 3
ECON111 Prin. of Economics: Macro 33
SOCI110 Intro to Sociology 33
SPMT201 Sport Marketing3
Cultural Perspectives D3

Fourth Semester

COMM110 Effective Speaking G,4 3
INTG285 Integration of Knowledge E,G,6 3
SPMT280 Sport Management Internship  G 3
Math A and/or ScienceC3
Physical Education Electives B4

A Placement testing required
B Health and Physical Education majors must take at least six of these physical education skills courses: PHED133, PHED145, PHED150, PHED155, PHED156, PHED170, PHED178, PHED190, PHED191.
C Any of the following may be chosen: CHEM101, BIOL101, MATH101, MATH102, MATH120, MATH125, MATH140.
D Any of the following may be chosen: HIST111, HIST112, HIST151, HIST152, HUMN111, HUMN112, HUMN113, HUMN114.
E Any INTG course may be chosen.
F CISC110 or CISC115 may be substituted.
G Course requires prerequisite.

1 Satisfies College Writing Level I.
2 Satisfies College Writing Level II.
3 Satisfies Social Perspectives.
4 Satisfies Creative Expression.
5 Satisfies Personal Health.
6 Satisfies Writing Intensive requirement.

Note for Degree Course Requirements:
*See the college catalog for important information on Revisions to Degree/Major Requirements. Students who do not seek the Associate of Arts Degree may earn the legend, "Major Requirements Satisfied", on their transcripts by successfully completing all the courses listed in the major except three to five credits in mathematics or science, COMP111, three credits in cultural perspectives, and six credits of undesignated electives. Credits exceeding the required minimum cannot be used to satisfy credits in other course requirements.