Gainful Employment Information

Federal regulations require educational institutions to disclose certain information about Title IV eligible educational programs that lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation (GE programs). While all Bucks programs are designed to lead to either employment or transfer, the Department of Education requires that the College provide disclosure information on the specific programs listed below.

Specific information available includes, estimated cost of program, links to occupational programs, length of program, program completion rate and program information. Prospective students interested in GE programs may use this information to assist with researching programs.

Department of the Arts

   3185 Applied Photography
   3147 Web Design & Multimedia
   3187 Furniture and Cabinetmaking

Department of Business Studies

   3176 Accounting & Taxation
   3145 Bookkeeping
   3154 Culinary: Pastry/Catering
   3073 Hotel/Restaurant/Institutional Supervision
   3148 Medical Assistant: Administrative
   3149 Medical Assistant: Clinical
   3174 Medical Coding/Billing
   3173 Office Skills - Accelerated
   3129 Paralegal
   3166 Phlebotomy
   3172 Travel and Event Planning

Department of Health, Physical Education & Nursing

   3190 Recreational Leadership

Mathematics, Science & Technology

   3133 Computer Networking Technology
   3162 Computer Hardware Installation and Maintenance
   3181 Computer Forensics
   3186 Biotechnology: Cell and Tissue Culture

Department of Social & Behavioral Science

   3127 Historic Preservation

Professional Studies

    LPN/Practical Nursing