Category 1: Essentials Skills and Perspectives

College Writing Level I

COMP110 English Composition I
OADM110 Business Communication
(Occupational majors only)

Note: Students in Occupational Programs may elect to satisfy the College Writing Level I and Level II requirements through the completion of the two specific College Writing Level I courses (OADM110 and COMP110).

Cultural Perspectives


AMSL110 American Sign Language I
AMSL111 American Sign Language II

Elementary Arabic I

ARBC111 Elementary Arabic II
VAFA191 Art History Before 1450
VAFA192 Art History After 1450
VAFA193 History of Modern Art
VAFA194 American Art History
CHNS110 Elementary Chinese I
CHNS111 Elementary Chinese II
COMT101 Introduction to Theatre
FCUL110 Communication Between Cultures
FREN110 Elementary French I
FREN111 Elementary French II
FREN201 Intermediate French I
FREN202 Intermediate French II
FREN250 Advanced French I
FREN251 Advanced French II
GRMN110 Elementary German I
GRMN111 Elementary German II
GRMN201 Intermediate German I
GRMN202 Intermediate German II
GRMN250 Advanced German I
GRMN251 Advanced German II
HIST111 History of Western Civilization I
HIST112 History of Western Civilization II
HIST113 Global History: Ancient and Medieval World
HIST114 Global History: Modern World
HIST151 U.S. History: Young America
HIST152 U.S. History: Modern America
HUMN111 Humanities I
HUMN112 Humanities II
HUMN113 Humanities III
HUMN114 Humanities IV
HUMN120 Survey of World Religions
ITAL110 Elementary Italian I
ITAL111 Elementary Italian II
ITAL201 Intermediate Italian I
ITAL202 Intermediate Italian II
ITAL250 Advanced Italian I
ITAL251 Advanced Italian II
JPNS101 Conversational Japanese I
JPNS102 Conversational Japanese II
LITR205 English Literature to the 19th Century
LITR206 English Literature of the 19th and 20th Century
LITR231 American Literature to 1865
LITR232 American Literature from 1865
LITR234 Introduction to British Women Writers
LITR254 World Literature I
LITR255 World Literature II
LITR261 Themes in Literature: Women
LITR271 Introduction to Drama
LITR273 Introduction to Poetry
LITR275 Introduction to the Novel
LITR277 Introduction to Short Fiction
LITR278 African-American Literature
LITR279 Introduction to Shakespeare 
MUSC101 Introduction to Music
MUSC105 American Music
MUSC106 History of Jazz
PHIL125 Basic Problems of Philosophy
SPAN110 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN111 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN202 Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN250 Advanced Spanish I
SPAN251 Advanced Spanish II
VACV142 The Art of Theatrical Cinema
VAPH196 History of Photography

Social Perspectives

COMM111 Media and Society
ECON111 Principles of Economics: Macro
GEOG110 World Geography
MGMT100 Introduction to Business
MUSC103 Introduction to World Music
PSYC110 Introduction to Psychology
SOCI110 Introduction to Sociology
WMST110 Introduction to Women's Studies

College Level Mathematics or Science

BIOL101 Biological Science I
BIOT105 Introduction to Biotechnology
CHEM101 Chemistry A
CHEM121 Chemistry I
MATH101 Math Concepts I
MATH102 Math for Educators I
MATH110 Math for Technology I (Occupational majors only)
MATH115 Elementary Statistics
MATH117 Finite Mathematics for Business
MATH120 College Algebra
MATH121 Discrete Mathematics
MATH122 Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry
MATH125 Precalculus
MATH140 Calculus I
MGMT120 Business Math (Occupational majors only)
SCIE101 Physical Science
SCIE102 Astronomy

Physical Geology


Discoveries in Chemistry

Personal Health

COMM105 Interpersonal Communication
HLTH103 Life and Health
HLTH110 Responding to Emergencies
HLTH120 Nutrition
HLTH120N Nutrition
HLTH130 Principles and Application of Diet and Fitness
HLTH200 Introduction to Women's Health Issues
KINS106 Art of Personal Defense
KINS110 Tennis
KINS116 Competitive Activities
KINS122 Skiing
KINS124 Badminton and Volleyball
KINS133 Archery
KINS134 Aerobics
KINS135 Walk-Jog-Run
KINS141 Golf
KINS145 Bowling and Golf
KINS150 Beginning Aquatics
KINS154 Swim for Fitness
KINS155 Lifeguarding
KINS156 Water Safety Instructor
KINS170 Individual Fitness and Wellness
KINS172 Gymnastics
KINS175 Dance: Square and Folk
KINS176 Basketball and Softball
KINS178 Basketball and Baseball
KINS179 Field Hockey and Soccer
KINS189 Individual Sports: Bowling and Volleyball
KINS191 Outdoor Recreation
PSYC100 Psychology of Personal Awareness
PSYC120 Human Sexuality
PSYC125 Stress Management

Creative Expression

VACV145 Film Production I
VAFA100 Drawing Fundamentals

Digital Photography Fundamentals

VAFA111 Drawing Basics
VAFA141 Introduction to Sculpture
VAFA151 Basic Photography
VAFA160 Introduction to Printmaking
VAFA161 Printmaking/Silkscreen
VAFA181 Ceramics I
COMM110 Effective Speaking
COMM230 Oral Interpretation
COMP115 Creative Writing I
COMP116 Creative Writing II
COMT103 Introduction to Acting
MUSC124 Electronic Music Synthesis
KINS126 Modern Dance


Pre-College Level Courses

Note: These courses will not satisfy the general elective category for students who entered their major in or after the 2007 fall semester.

AESL081 Writing Fundamentals for International Students
AESL083 Reading Fundamentals for International Students
AESL085 Oral Communication Fundamentals for International Students
AESL101 Writing Skills for International Students
AESL103 Reading Skills for International Students
AESL105 Oral Communication Skills for International Students
COMP090 Basic Writing
COMP092 Beginning Composition
COMP107 Introduction to Rhetorical Skills
READ090 Developmental Reading
READ092 Building Reading Skills
MATH090 PreAlgebra
MATH092 Beginning Algebra
MATH095 Basic Algebra
MATH103 Intermediate Algebra