Office Skills-Accelerated

Certificate Program

Gainful Employment disclosure information is available for this program of study.

Department of Business Studies
Penn 401 • Phone (215)-968-8227
Curriculum Code No.3173

There is a growing need for office professionals trained in the use of Microsoft Office Applications. This Bucks Community College Office Administration Accelerated Certificate program is a short-term program designed to prepare students to enter a modern office. The certificate offers career-specific software training for the individual wishing to complete the program in one semester.

Coursework will include operation of state-of-the art equipment and application software to gain marketable skills required to work accurately and productively in an office environment.

Program Features

This certificate program provides a unique short-term vehicle to develop the entry-level office software skills needed to become employable in a general office setting.

Since all courses are offered in the TOTAL (Technology Office Training Access Learning) Lab on campus, students are able to enter the program up to the mid-semester, and may work on assignments anytime the TOTAL Lab is open. Students with the appropriate software may choose to work from home or another location. Students completing the course objectives early will be prepared to seek employment immediately.

Graduates of this program are able to:

  • utilize state-of-the-art equipment and software to accomplish work-related tasks accurately and productively in an office environment;
  • derive an appropriate position in an office setting as a secretary, administrative assistant, receptionist, clerk, or information processing worker with a commitment to lifelong learning to achieve professional growth; and
  • create documents using Microsoft Word and produce spreadsheets for business using Microsoft Excel.

Certificate Course Requirements

OADM101 Electronic Keyboarding 1
OADM104 Formatting with Word B 2
OADM140 Keyboarding/Typewriting I A 3
OADM141 Basic Applications of Microsoft Word B 1
OADM142 Basic Applications of Microsoft Excel B 1
OADM143 Basic Applications of Microsoft Access B

Basic Applications of Microsoft PowerPoint

OADM147 Microsoft Windows 1
OADM155 Searching the Web 1

A Open for credit exam.
B Course requires prerequisite.