Medical Assistant: Administrative

Certificate Program

Gainful Employment disclosure information is available for this program of study.

Department of Business Studies
Penn 401 • Phone: (215) 968-8227
Curriculum Code No. 3148

Administrative medical assistants complete office paperwork, schedule patients, and handle insurance billing in physicians’ offices, clinics, or insurance companies. They may work as admitting clerks, billing agents, or medical transcriptionists in hospital outpatient areas.

Graduates of this program are able to

  • perform basic administrative medical assisting functions including scheduling, appointments, coding, managing accounts receivables and payables, and maintaining accounting records;
  • perform within legal and ethical boundaries;
  • display a professional manner and image; and
  • demonstrate an understating of the anatomical structure and physiological functions of the human body and of medical terms descriptive of body systems.

Certificate Requirements

OADM140 Keyboarding/Typewriting I A 3
MEDA120 Medical Terminology 3
MEDA215 Medical Administrative Procedures A 3
MEDA216 Medical Insurance, Billing, & Reimbursement A 3
MEDA275 Medical Transcription I A 3
HITT297 Medical Coding A 3
MEDA205 Medical Law and Ethics 3
MEDA220 Medical Assisting Externship A 3

ACourse requires prerequisite.

* All students are required to pass OADM140 Keyboarding/Typewriting either by taking the course at Bucks County Community College or by passing the appropriate challenge test given by the Office Administration Area at the College. A competency of 35 words a minute with a 5-error maximum on a 5-minute timed writing is required.

Since the individual circumstances and backgrounds of students vary, all students planning to complete this certificate program must meet with their assigned academic advisor to develop a planned sequence of courses to meet their individual needs.