Vision, Mission, Values and Goals

Our Vision

We envision Bucks County Community College as a vibrant center for community engagement and learning, providing innovative paths that inspire educational, career, and personal fulfillment.

Our Mission

Bucks County Community College provides a diverse community of learners with exemplary, accessible educational opportunities and the personal connections that foster success.

To support our mission, we:

  • Engage and support students in learning experiences that lead to academic excellence and provide a foundation for the pursuit of higher degrees and lifelong learning.
  • Empower students with the skills and credentials to secure employment in their fields and the capability to adapt and respond to the changing needs of tomorrow’s workplace.
  • Develop the critical thinking skills, broad-based knowledge, and the social, ethical, and civic responsibility of our students.
  • Enrich the intellectual, cultural, and recreational life of the community.


Our Core Values

We value:

  • a culture of learning that fosters continuous improvement
  • excellence in teaching and service to students
  • respect for the individual
  • open-minded civil discourse
  • diversity and an understanding of world cultures
  • innovation and creativity
  • collaboration 
  • responsible stewardship of resources
  • ability to adapt to change
  • service to the community

Strategic Directions and Goals for 2014-2019:

Strategic Direction #1 – Maximize Student Success

  • Empower Students to Achieve Academic Excellence
  • Improve Students’ Ability to Complete Their Goals
  • Support Students’ Entry to and Success in the Workplace

Strategic Direction #2 – Ensure a Quality Experience

  • Promote Excellence in Teaching and Service
  • Effectively Manage Resources
  • Provide an Environment Conducive to Learning

Strategic Direction #3 – Lead with Innovative and Responsive Education

  • Address Market Needs
  • Communicate Value
  • Support Innovation