Tuition and Fees


This is the basic charge for full-time and part-time students. Tuition costs for In-County residents are reasonable because they are subsidized by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the County of Bucks. Tuition for Out-of County and Out-of-State residents will vary due to the absence of this subsidy.

Activity Fee

This fee is assessed to all students, dependent upon the number of credits taken. It supports all student activities and organizations such as the campus newspaper and athletic events.

Capital Fee

This fee is assessed to out-of-county and out-of-state students as a contribution to the costs of land, buildings, and equipment furnished by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the County of Bucks.

Course Fees

Certain courses incur additional expenses which are added to the course in the form of "course fees". The course fee is used to defray the additional cost associated with these course offerings.

Graduation Fees

This charge is assessed to cover a portion of the costs of graduation ceremonies and diplomas. $20 fee.

Credit by Examination for Nursing

This charge is assessed for each course for which a student wishes to test competency. The charge covers the cost of the special examination and grading of the examination.


This charge covers the handling and printing of transcripts for students. $2 fee.

College Services Fee (per semester)

A general services fee covering registration, parking decal, etc. $25 fee.

Technology Support Fee

This fee is assessed to cover the cost of technology resources. It supports such things as computers, Internet access, network infrastructure, and other technical services and resources.