Transfer Agreements

Bucks courses transfer!  Even without formal agreements, your Bucks program can prepare you for the college of your choice.  However, many colleges and universities have made the transfer planning process even smoother by providing several types of transfer agreements.

  • Core-to-Core agreements mean that, with the completion of an associate degree, the general education (core) requirements have already been completed when you transfer to the agreement school.  Bucks has formal core-to-core agreements with several institutions.
  • Transfer Intent Agreements (sometimes called Dual Admission Agreements) assure admission (either to the school or only to specific programs) when students complete a Bucks degree and meet certain admission requirements.
  • Program-to-Program agreements outline exactly what courses a student should take as part of an associate degree in order to transfer at the junior level in a specific major.  Bucks has program agreements with many schools.  These valuable outlines can be found on the Transfer Services website.    
  • Many schools have given us information specifying how Bucks courses transfer to their colleges. Course Equivalency lists can help you choose transferable courses.

Various schools have several types of agreements with Bucks.  For more information on Bucks transfer agreements, contact Transfer Services at 215-968-8031 or, or visit