Student Life and Athletic Programs

Campus life opportunities and activities are on every Bucks campus. The Student Life and Athletic Programs Office assists students in supplementing academic experiences with experience in service, social, and recreational pursuits. The Student Life and Athletic Programs Office is located in the Rollins Student Center, Room 112. They can be reached at 215-968-8257. Please visit the Student Life website

Why Involvement Matters

Getting Involved:

  • in student activities can lead to success in many areas of life both during and after one's term as a student.
  • in college brings the obvious benefits of peer contact, productivity, and meaningful leisure time. In addition  students participating in student organizations and other activities gain the opportunity for practical application and can round out their resume.
  • in activities, clubs, or organizations is of proven interest to employers. The personal contacts one makes when active in student life programs may serve as the foundation for lifetime friendships and networking sources.
  • in student leadership opportunities will enable you to discover your leadership potential, build your confidence, and develop and / or sharpen skills you will use throughout your life. 

Student Life and Athletics Information Window

The Information Window is a centralized clearinghouse of information, keeping abreast of what is happening on campus and disseminating this information to students, staff, and the general public. The Information Window is the place to purchase tickets to College events, purchase SEPTA tokens, sign up for a student organization or athletic or intramural team, and pick up the latest issue of the College newspaper, The Centurion.

Serving our community is a what we do best! The Information Center assists students in finding service opportunities to fit into their busy school or work schedule. Community service is rewarding and is sure to enhance your College experience. We hope this will serve as the foundation for lifelong friendships and networking resources.

The Information Window is located in the Rollins Student Center, Room 112. Contact number: 215-968-8257

Student Judicial Process

Bucks County Community College is committed to the integrity and personal growth of each individual. Choosing to join the College community obligates members to make positive contributions to the community and be accountable for their own behavior. As adults and members of the community, students are expected to conduct their lives in a manner that is consistent with good citizenship. The Director of Student Life and Athletic Programs is responsible for holding all Bucks students accountable to the College Code of Conduct which is found under Student Records, Rights & Responsibilities portion of the college catalog, in the Student Planner, and online at

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the elected representative student structure of the College. The functions of this organization include the representation of student interests, the coordination of campus activities for clubs and organizations, and the planning of social activities through the administration of the College Activity Fee.

The Student Government Association is composed of several standing committees. The Student Government consists of five officer and 7 councilor positions.

Elections are conducted each spring semester by the Student Government Association through the Election Committee in an online format. Elections are conducted for officers and representatives positions.

The Director, Student Life and Athletic Programs serves as the advisor for Student Government Association.  Co-advisors are allowed.

The Student Government Association office is located in the Rollins Student Center of the Newtown campus, Room 111-2. Contact the Student Government Association at 215-968-8375.

Student Programming Groups

Would you like to learn about event planning?  Bucks has three student programming groups, one at each campus, that are dedicated to planning and providing educational, cultural, social, and recreational activities for the students of Bucks County Community College. These groups are entirely run by Bucks students.  Whether it be coffee house music performer, free food day, or welcome week festivities, the student programming groups strive to maintain a variety of programs for the student body.  Contact Student Life and Athletic Programs at 215-968-8257 for more information on joining.

  • Student Programming Board (SPB)- Newtown Campus
  • Students Programming Activities (SPA)- Upper Bucks Campus
  • Lower Bucks Programming Council- Lower Bucks Campus

Leadership Development

Anyone can learn to be a student leader at Bucks! Though collaboration with academic departments, community agencies and the campus community, the Student Life Office provides many opportunities to develop responsible leadership in holistic lifelong learning. There is a diversity of leadership development programs that exist on campus. This has enabled students to grow and succeed in many aspects of their lives. Contact the Student Life and Athletic Programs Office at 215-968-8257 or for more information.

Civic Engagement/ Volunteering/ Community Service

Looking to do some volunteering or community service? When you volunteer in the community, you gain new friends, life experience and resume building skills. Student Life and Athletic Programs coordinates a college-wide volunteer program with the United Way each fall and has a database of Student Life community agencies, contact information, programs, and events that will fit any student's needs. Contact the Student Life Programs Office at 215-968-8257 or 215-968-8261.