Educational Enrichment Programs

The sole mission of Educational Enrichment Programs (EEP) is to introduce subject matter considered to have educational value to the students of Bucks County Community College. The mode will be through speakers, performances, discussions, and multimedia. Our goal is to graduate well rounded students who are exposed to a variety of ideas and opinions that will assist them in creating their own educated decisions and opinions. Contact 215-968-8015 or for more information.

Bulletin Boards

 In order to prevent damage to painted and finished surfaces, only bulletin boards may be used to post notices. All postings are posted by staff or student workers and  must be approved and stamped by Student Life and Athletics staff prior to being posted. Posting approvals at the Upper Bucks and Lower Bucks campuses will be handled by the Executive Director/ Coordinator, Student Services of each campus.  Materials should be delivered to the reception desk.

New Student Welcome

The New Student Welcome is designed to get our new students excited about starting college and getting last minute questions answered.  New students get to meet members of their academic department,  student service department, and student organization members.   Parents are welcome and tours are given to all.