MInDSpace (Media and Instructional Design Lab)

MInDSpace staff members support students in carrying out multimedia assignments, providing a workspace, technological tools, and training in 21st Century literacy skills. For example, a member of an INTG class assigned a mashup video project could find the gadgets (video camera, microphone, etc), software (video editing, Glogster, Prezi, etc), and expertise in MInDSpace. 

MInDSpace provides support to faculty in instructional design, new media literacies, and emerging technologies, and assists faculty members in developing assignments with measurable goals and learning outcomes that support multiple learning styles. 

In addition, the team provides audio visual support to College programs on all campuses. Audio, video, and video conferencing equipment and support are provided for use in the instructional program, both credit and non-credit, for special campus events, and for use by campus organizations. Production services are also provided to capture events for archiving and streaming, and to develop presentations.