Other Financial Aid Programs

The College participates in all major federal and state financial aid programs. Descriptions of the various programs, including eligibility requirements, application procedures, and possible award amounts are summarized below. Award amounts and eligibility requirements are subject to change by state and federal legislation.

Contact the Financial Aid Office at Bucks to secure application forms. If possible, pick up the forms in person. For those unable to come to campus, the forms can be mailed. However, mailing will delay the application process at least two weeks. The FAFSA can be completed on-line at www.fafsa.gov.  The state of Pennsylvania offers a variety of grant opportunities through the PHEAA- Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency Special Programs, funding and availability is determined through PHEAA please check their website at www.pheaa.org for information regarding these special programs. 

PHEAA Grants

Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency Grants


Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Who is Eligible to Apply

Students enrolled on at least a half-time basis (at least 6 credits) enrolled in majors leading to the A.A. Degree.

NOTE: One-year Certificate Programs are ineligible according to State Regulations.

Award Amounts

Yearly grants are based upon a percentage of tuition

How Eligibility is Determined

Awards are determined by a State formula based on financial need.

How to Apply

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)/Renewal FAFSA and the PHEAA State Grant Application is available on the Web at www.pheaa.org.


A complete listing of the Foundations scholarships available can be found at http://www.bucks.edu/about/foundation/scholarships/.  There are also scholarship opportunities on www.fastweb.com which is a free scholarship search engine and can be found as a link on the Financial Aid homepage.  There are other free search engines available that students can also use, beware of any scholarship searches that require a fee.