Job Location Program

Students who are interested in securing part-time jobs during the semester are encouraged to contact the Job Location Coordinator in the Financial Aid Office, Newtown Campus. Students eligible for the Federal Work- Study Program may be placed in open positions within a few days. Although the majority of the open positions are filled at the beginning of each semester, a number of openings become available each month. Students not eligible for a part-time job through the Federal Work-Study Program will be referred to other College departments assisting the students with job location while enrolled. For additional information, schedule an appointment to see the Job Location Coordinator or Financial Aid Office.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you are interested in receiving our informational brochure on the Federal Work-Study Program which outlines general conditions and terms applicable to the FWS Program.

You may view the current listings for the Federal Work-Study Program. This website will allow you to search for Federal Work-Study positions and other employment opportunities outside of the college.