Clubs and Organizations at Bucks

All students are urged to participate in any student organization. There are few restrictions involved in forming student clubs. There are no limitations to club size and any number of individuals may form an organization after obtaining a faculty or staff advisor and completing necessary paperwork. An organization must be officially recognized by the Student Government Association and the College prior to requesting and utilizing College facilities for activity purposes. The College will establish priority for use of its facilities.

Here is a sample of some of our outstanding clubs and organizations. Further information about forming clubs/organizations or participating in activities is available from the The Office of Student Life, located on the upper level of the Charles E. Rollins Center, 215-968-8257.


Arts & Media



Honors Organizations/Societies


Faith Focused

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(N) = Newtown (U) = Upper Bucks (L) = Lower Bucks (O)= Bucks Online

Club Listing:

Anime Club (Meetings at Newtown)
The purpose of the club is to offer an enrichment of the Japanese culture through Anime (Japanese animation) to the students of Bucks County Community College. Also, to gather together fans of the culture and the genre.

Advisor: Milo Gallagher,

Arts and Culture Council of Lower Bucks (Meetings at Bristol)
Develop cultural enrichment opportunities.

Advisor: Rose Cooper,

Bucks 3D Sculpture Club (Meetings at Newtown)
The objective of this club is to function as a co-curricular group whose focus is to further their knowledge and understanding of 3 dimensional art, it’s ideation and processes.


Advisor: Jon Burns,

Bucks Associated Computer Machinery (ACM) Student Chapter (Meetings at Newtown)
The purpose is to recognize and encourage interest in the computer science field and offer collective knowledge and services within the student community.

Advisor: John Summers,

Bucks Business Association (Meetings at Newtown)
Bucks Business Club at Newtown.

Advisor: Patty Alloway, 

Bucks College Democrats (Meetings at Newtown)

The purpose is to promote a better America, with equality, opportunity, and freedom within a just and strong society, we dedicate ourselves to organizing the participation of Democratic College students in Bucks County Community College. BCD pledges to support the philosophy and candidates of the Democratic Party. Furthermore, BCD declares its intention to support all efforts to increase the participation of college student in Democratic affairs. To these ends, BCD shall education and train its members so that they may be better able to a) educated students about the philosophy of the Democratic Parts and encourage participation in all political affairs. b) Assist in the election of local, state, and national Democratic candidates. c) Affect political change on the local, state, and national level.

Advisors: John Petito

Bucks County Printmaking Society (Meetings at Newtown)
The purpose of this club is to support printmaking and papermaking as vital contemporary art forms and encourage the appreciation of the printed image and all related media.

Advisors: Bernadette Karpa,, Caren Friedman,

Bucks Lemon Club (Meetings at Newtown)

To engage a broad range of people and resources about the need of funding childhood cancer research.

Advisor: Michelle Pierson,

Business Studies United @ LBC (Meetings at Bristol)
Bucks Business Club at Lower Bucks Campus.

Advisor: Kelly Sell,

Bucks Travel and Trip Club (Meetings at Newtown)
The purpose of this club is to provide students and the general public the opportunity to experience cultural, religious, socio-economic, and many travel opportunities.

Advisor: Heather Kouveras

Catholic Club (Meetings at Newtown)
To offer students a community of faith to share prayer, scripture, and discussion in the context of the Catholic Faith, with a focus on projects serving those who are in need.

Advisor: Jean Dolan,

The Centurion Newspaper (Meetings at Newtown)
This club produces our student newspaper which reports campus activities, student opinions and community news. Students gain valuable experience in all aspects of newspaper production. Students interested in writing for the paper should contact the newspaper’s office in the Rollins Center, Room 128. The Centurion is published weekly during the fall and spring semesters.

Website: Centurion Newspaper Online
Centurion Newspaper Facebook Page
Journalism at Bucks Facebook Page

Advisor: Tony Rogers,

Ceramics Club (Meetings at Newtown)
The purpose of the ceramics club is to promote awareness of the ceramics program at BCCC , and to engage the greater BCCC community including other campuses, in the medium of Ceramic Arts.
The ceramics club will provide an opportunity for like-minded people to meet and engage with new ideas in the art of ceramic arts.

CRU (Meetings at Newtown)
Offer students opportunities to grow and develop on their spiritual life from a Christian perspective.

Advisor: Mary Bolton,

Dance Squad (Practice is held at Newtown)

The purpose is to enjoy creating and performing dance routines. Some routines are performed at the halftime of BCCC basketball games creating school spirt.

Advisors: Matt Cipriano,, Justin Burroughs,

Delta PSI Omega (Meetings at Newtown)
Provides acknowledgment of accomplishments in theater. 

Stacey Bennett,

Digital Gaming Club (Meetings at Newtown)

The purpose of this club is to create an environment of recreational gaming available to a wide range of preferences and age groups. Our club is aimed at showing individuals the benefits and excitement of the digital age and its possibilities.

Advisor: Robert Porche,

Drama Club (Meetings at Newtown)
Unites drama students and enthusiasts, giving both the opportunity to perform before the College community.

Advisor: Michael Harryman, Jason Quinn,

Eco-Club (Meetings at Newtown)
To offer the opportunity for the students of Bucks County Community College to discover and implement effective ways to protect and preserve the ecological environment on their campus, their community, and their world.

We are on Facebook! (Click Here)

Advisor: Joann Corn,

Future Teachers Organization (Meetings at Newtown)
This organization was formed to give Education majors the opportunity to extend their field of study. To provide a forum for all members of the association an opportunity for discussion of and involvement with matters of Education. Please go to the Future Teachers Organization's website for meeting times and locations.

We are on Facebook! (Click Here) Website:

Kate D'Auria,

Glass Arts Society (Meetings at Newtown)
This is a co-curricular club for students interested in the art of glass blowing and glass sculpture.

Web Site:

Advisor: Karl Carter,

Greek Mythology (Meetings at Newtown)
Learn about Greek Mythology

Advisor: Christina Fogle,

Habitat for Humanity (H4H)@ UBC (Meetings at Peraksie)
Supports the Bucks County Habitat for Humanity organization through volunteer work, fund raising and advocacy.

Advisors: Dr. Rodney Altemose,, Daniel Wassmer,

Health & Wellness Club (Meetings at Newtown)
The purpose of the club is to promote and encourage Health and Wellness on campus.

Advisor: Tina Permar,

Hillel Club(Meetings at Newtown)
Learn Jewish cultural and social activities

Advisor: Samantha Gross,

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (Meetings at Newtown)
Is open to anyone who is questioning the credibility of Christianity, the relevance of Jesus Christ or seeking Christian fellowship.


Advisor: Scott Bradshaw,

Kinesiology/ Sports Studies Club (Meetings at Newtown)
The purpose of this group is to create a place for Kinesiology and Sports Studies students to network, and learn about the field they plan on entering as a career. We will provide programs and speakers for the membership and college community and activities for the membership. This club is open to all students.‌

Advisor: Lori Sullivan,, Brandon Kinsey,

Kappa Beta Delta (Meetings at Newtown)
Is a national honor society for business students who have completed at least 15 semester hours and have earned a GPA that places them in the top 20% of all students in their specific programs.

Advisor: Charles Beem,

Lions International Club (Meetings at Newtown)
To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs.

Advisor: Charles Beem,

Lower Bucks Programming Council (Meetings at Bristol)
Coordinates and schedules cultural and social events for the student body of the Lower Bucks Campus.

Advisor: Rose Cooper,

Music Society (Meetings at Newtown)

Open to everyone on campus. Promotes, organizes and encourages live music events on campus.

Advisor: Shelley Reed,

Muslim Students Association (Meetings at Newtown)
This club is to establish an active and unified Muslim community at Bucks that encourages and facilitates the personal and spiritual development.



Advisor: June Rogers,

National Society of Leadership and Success aka NSLS (Meetings at Newtown)
Bucks County Community College Chapter:NSLS provides a step-by-step program for members to build their leadership skills through participation at their campus or online. Members are able to list their affiliation on all statements of personal accomplishment, including their resume. Membership is for life and provides access to benefits including scholarships and awards, exclusive on-campus events, employer recruitment through an online job bank, and discounts on computers, textbooks, grad school prep courses, insurance and much more.

Advisors: Matt Cipriano,, Dasha Marchetti,

Nursing Club (Meetings at Newtown)
Provides meetings for all nursing students to promote unity and general welfare of the members. Members provide at least two community service projects a year.

We are on Facebook! (Click Here!)

Advisor: Anne Marie Strecker,

Open Door Club (Meetings at Newtown)
Provides support to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered students. The organization promotes awareness and education of their issues as well as fostering an environment of mutual respect and a celebration of the diversity of all people.

We are on Facebook! (Click Here!)

Advisor: Max Probst,

Paralegal Club (N) (Meetings at Newtown)

The purpose of this club is to offer educational and enrichment opportunities in the area of paralegal studies.

Advisor: Brenda Seibert,

Phi Theta Kappa (Meetings at Newtown)
Is a national honor society comprised of students with a cumulative average of 3.5 or above. The four hallmarks of the society are Leadership, Scholarship, Service and Fellowship.

Facebook Page: Phi-Theta Kappa-Pixi Website:

Advisor: Charles Beem,

Psychology Club (Meetings at Newtown)
Offer opportunity to students to further their knowledge and experience with all things relating to psychology and social behavioral sciences.

Advisor: Aimee Kurtz,

Radio BUX - web radio (Meetings at Newtown)
Provide a full fledge radio studio to host various music and talk programming, and sports based broadcasts for the college community and offer Bucks students a cutting edge web-based radio experience.

Live Streaming Radio and website here!

Advisor: John Sheridan,

SAFE (Students Advocating for Equality) (Meetings at UBC - Perkasie)
This club works towards eliminating societal barriers and provides a safe haven for LGBTQA, (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Ally), on campus.

Advisor: Rodney Altemose,

Ski & Snowboard Club (Meetings at Newtown)

Welcomes non-skiers to advanced to join in ski / snowboard outings, meetings, and social activities.

Advisor: Donna Wilkoski,

Society of Bucks Engineers (S.O.B.E.) (Meetings at Newtown)
Future Engineers meet and plan projects utilizing their engineering skills.

Advisor: Christine Delahanty, christine.

Socratic Society (Meetings at Newtown)
This group meets to talk about Philosophy and philosophical things in a fun and interactive environment.

Advisor: Dr. Mark Cobb,

Student Government Association (SGA) (Meetings at Newtown)
Represents the student body to the College Administration, faculty and Board of Trustees at Bucks County Community College. SGA supports clubs and organizations; promotes participation by the students on college committees and distributes and administers their portion of the college activities fee to clubs and organizations.



Advisors: Matt Cipriano, Carol Brandt,

Student Programming Board (SPB) (Meetings at Newtown)
This group is strictly dedicated to creating educational, cultural, social and recreational activities for the students of Bucks using an allocated portion of the Student Activities Fee. The Student Programming Board strives to deliver a diverse array of programming each semester through the efforts of its officers and committees.

Advisors: Matt Cipriano,, Carol Brandt,

Students Planning Activities (SPA) (Meetings at Perkasie)
Students who create social events and activities for the student body of the Upper Bucks Campus.

Advisor: Patti McEnery,

Tabletop Gaming (Meetings at Newtown)
Students play, share, and promote all types of tabletop games. If you can play it on a table, you can play it in our club-Board games, card games, role playing games.

Advisor: Leonard Luczkowski,

Teachers of Tomorrow (T.O.T) (Meetings at Perkasie)

This club’s purpose is to provide Bucks County Community College students with opportunities to work with and serve the children in the community. Also to expose the students to different professional opportunities within the field of education.

Advisors: Jeannine Chodoroff,, Alison Silver,

Tyler Literary Society (Meetings at Newtown)
Produces the College literary publication issued each semester. Students may submit fiction, drama, poetry, science fiction, criticism, discursive essays, photographs, and drawings.

We are on Facebook! (Click Here!)

Advisor: Eric Specian,

UBC Thrive (Meetings at Perkasie)
A Christian-based club that exists to help students thrive academically, socially and spiritually by building community matters of life, purpose, and spirituality.

Advisor: Patti McEnery,

Veteran's Club (Meetings at Newtown and Bristol)
Provide support, resources, and programs for our returning military men and women and their family members who are current students of Bucks County Community College. Assist Bucks Veterans Club members in meeting their goals while attending Bucks. To offer a friendly and supportive environment on each of our campuses.

Veterans Club Facebook Page

Advisors: Newtown Matt Cipriano,, Bristol Rose Cooper,

Women in STEM (Meetings at Newtown)

Our purpose is to offer support, enrichment, and opportunities for female-identified Bucks County Community College students pursuing majors in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Department. All students are eligible to become members.

Advisor: June Lane,

Women Inspiring & Networking, WIN (Meetings at Bristol)
Educates women to empower themselves in relationships in the workplace and home, the political process and society as a whole by offering support through workshops, speakers, forums, and mentoring from professional women on campus and in the community.

We are on Facebook! (Click Here)

Advisor: Rose Cooper,

WRITE Now! (Meetings at UBC - Perkasie)
Student group for writers of all styles to share their work and receive peer feedback.

Advisor: Cheryl Baldi,

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