Social Services

Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare


This course provides an overview of the historical, economic and political foundations of social work and social welfare. Emphasis is on the structure and functions of the social welfare delivery system. Students examine core concepts, theories, skills, values and ethics in the field of social work.

3 credits
Prerequisite: None
Corequisite: None

Social Services - Interviewing, Assessment, and Referral/CAC


This course is a continuation of the Introduction to Social Services. The course focuses on developing an understanding of the fundamental counseling theories, as well as interviewing, assessment and referral skills. SSWK120 competencies and skills will be practiced in class.

3 credits
Prerequisite: SSWK110 (C or better) or permission of the Department of Social and Behavioral Science
Corequisite: None

Social Work: Interviewing, Assessment, and Referral


Students apply core concepts, theories, values and ethics of social work to interviewing, assessment, and referral. Students apply direct skills including basic listening, empathy, focusing, confrontation, directives, feedback, and self-interpretation. Emphasis is on practicing professional values that guide practice.

3 credits
Prerequisite: SSWK110 (C or better); and SOCI110 (C or better); and COMP110 (C or better)