UBC Leadership Program

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Sisters UTM is partnering with Bucks County Community College to provide you with the tools to launch your professional career.  LAUNCH PAD TO SUCCESS is a six module certificate program each lead by local business experts who teach you techniques to embrace leadership, confidently communicate, navigate social media, make a great first impression, and achieve financial literacy. 

We believe success is achieved through education.  Whether your career goals include being selected for a job or a promotion, the LAUNCH PAD certificate program is designed to teach you the skills to achieve your goals and maximize your earning potential.

10 Reasons to Join LAUNCH PAD

1.  Build self-confidence and wisdom
2.  Empower yourself to succeed
3.  Gain valuable leadership skills and experience
4.  Learn how to effectively build a team
5.  Take your career to the next level
6.  Surround yourself with leaders
7.  Clarify your goals and vision
8.  Learn how to influence others
9.  Learn to be introspective
10. Avoid common career mistakes

LAUNCH PAD Topics Include:

All Launch Pad sessions are scheduled for 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm in the Library Learning Studio on the Upper Bucks Campus.

First Impressions 

  • Differentiate between the characteristics of 'Positive' vs. 'Negative' first impressions
  • Analyze forms of non-verbal communication
  • Practice effective 1:1 communication strategies

Confident Communicator 

  • Discuss confident communication approaches in a group environment
  • Identify specific tools for effective communication
  • Role play various scenarios

MBTI: Understanding How You're Wired

  • Explore unique abilities identified through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Assessment
  • Gain insight on how your wiring affects others and how other personality types impact you
  • Learn the knowledge to identify scenarios that naturally allow you to thrive

Navigating Social Media

  • List potential privacy threats
  • Explain the components of a well-developed online image
  • Learn how to create a professional social media profile

Financial Independence

  • Explain the importance of being financially independent
  • Identify steps to gaining financial literacy
  • Formulate a plan for future financial independence

Professional Image

  • Explain the importance of dressing appropriately
  • Discuss the difference in expectations of appearance by industry/position/environment
  • Compare and contrast sample images of professional attire

For more information about the Launch Pad - Spring 2017 leadership program, please contact Dr. Rodney Altemose at Rodney.Altemose@bucks.edu.