Group Classes

If you represent a company interested in training but don't have enough employees for a customized class, please call us to discuss your options.

Upcoming Courses

If you represent a company interested in training but don't have enough employees for a customized class, please call us to discuss your options. We offer many types of group classes, including Business Leadership, Communication, Computers, OSHA, Hazmat, and Safety.

Some Examples of Group Classes

Leadership Mastery for First Line Managers and Supervisors (4 hours)

The best managers do many things differently, but there are at least four things that they have in common that make them successful as leaders. Learn how these are translated into regular actions that make the work environment more motivational and collaborative.

  • Learn how to bring out the best in your employees.
  • Learn how to apply principles of values-based leadership.
  • Understand why some employees don’t do what they were hired to do and what to do about it.
  • Learn how to create a collaborative work environment.
  • Understand task-focused and relationship-focused leadership styles.

Conflict Management and Techniques for Holding Difficult Conversations (4 hours)

This interactive course teaches participants how to handle tough conversations and provides conflict management techniques that can be applied in both professional and personal lives. After completing this course, participants will understand effective conflict management strategies, how to build trust and how to use various elements of communication.

Four Precepts of Customer Service (8 hours total – 2 (4) hour sessions)

The precepts are: Guard Your Attitude, Choose Your Words Carefully, Mind Your Actions, and Maintain a Service Excellence Culture. This course provides strategies for communicating professionally with customers on the phone, through e-mail, or in person.  Participants are engaged in learning how to remain professional when dealing with challenging customer situations and how to follow-through with their actions. The course also highlights the importance of providing great service to internal customers and the connection everyone has to the external customer experience.

Writing Skills for Business Professionals (4 hours)

Strengthen your knowledge and polish your written communication skills in this course that covers concise, persuasive, and grammatically correct writing. Connect with your reader, and keep your thoughts logically organized as you write. Punctuate correctly and avoid misused words. Learn etiquette tips and practical ideas for composing e-mail.

Vital Listening and Communication Skills (4 hours)

Improve your ability to listen and communicate with others. Learn the differences between personal styles and understand the communication elements necessary to manage in order to be the best listener and communicator. Participants will also learn how to give and receive feedback, the importance of non-verbal cues, how to get your point across, and how to break through barriers to listening.

MS Excel 2010: Basic (8 hours total – 2 (4) hour sessions)

This course is designed to help participants learn skills that are necessary for today’s workplace. Participants will become proficient in using Excel to create basic worksheets and charts for data tracking and reporting, understand how to use the AutoFill, copy and paste formulas, know functions such as Sum, Average, Min, Max, Count.  Text formatting, printing, creating and editing a simple chart and working with large spreadsheets is also covered.

MS Excel 2010 Intermediate (8 hours total – 2 (4) hour sessions)

If you are familiar and comfortable with the basics of Excel, then you are ready to learn the intermediate level features and functions of Excel 2010. In this course participants will learn how to use multiple worksheets and workbooks, advanced formatting options, create outlines, work with lists and tables. Participants will create and use named ranges, work with Absolute References, and insert and edit hyperlinks. This course also  covers advanced charting techniques, file sharing, merging, pivot tables and workbook templates.

MS PowerPoint 2007 Basic (8 hours total – 2 (4) hour sessions)

This course covers the basic functions and features of PowerPoint 2007. Participants will create new presentations that include text, graphics, WordArt, tables, charts, and diagrams. Additionally, participants will also edit and format slide content, and apply transition effects.

MS Office 2010, New Features (8 hours total – 2 (4) hour sessions)

This course covers features of Microsoft Office 2010 that are new to Office.  Participants will learn:

  • In Word how to use the Navigation pane and apply new text effects.
  • In Excel to use spark lines, filter data with slicers, and create a PivotChart.
  • In PowerPoint to organize slides into sections, edit movie clips, apply animation effects, and learn how to broadcast slide shows.
  • In Outlook to manage e-mail conversations, create Quick Steps, and use the People Pane.
  • In Access, how to use the tabbed document window, create Lookup list fields, and use the data type gallery.
  • In addition, students will learn about ribbon customization and Backstage view, and save a file as a PDF

Other topics we teach are:  Stress Management Workshop, Customer Service Excellence, Leadership Skills for Today's Workplace, and Leadership Series.