Tuition Refund Policy

If you wish to drop a course, you may do so online using your WebAdvisor account or notify Admissions, Records, and Registration in writing with your signature either with a letter or on a Drop/Add form. Requests may be submitted in person, mailed or faxed to 215-968-8110. A drop or withdrawal becomes effective the day it is received.

Tuition and fees paid for canceled courses are refunded in full. Refunds for dropped courses are made according to this schedule:

  • Before the official start-date of the term:  100% refund.
  • After term begins, tuition is refunded per the schedule found at

For the Summer 2015 sessions, the last day for 100% refund is

  • May 25 for Session I -  6 & 12 week sections starting May 26
  • June 14 for Session II - 9 week sections starting June 15
  • July 5 for Session III -   6 week sections starting July 6

50% refund periods:

  • May 26 through June 1 for Session I -    6 week sections starting May 26
  • May 26 through June 10 for Session I - 12 week sections starting May 26
  • June 15 through June 26 for Session II -  9 week sections starting June 15
  • July 6 through July 12 for Session III -      6 week sections starting July 6

Withdrawing from courses after the Session 50% refund period ends: No refund.

The application fee and college-services fee are non-refundable.

You may appeal for an increase in the amount of your refund. Tuition Appeal forms are available at Admissions and at the Evening Director’s office. A tuition appeal may be approved if you are able to provide documentation that you were unable to attend your registered courses due to medical, personal, employment-related or other extenuating circumstances. No appeals will be accepted after the session in question ends. All Title IV Financial Aid recipients must refer to the College Catalog for the Financial Aid Refund Policy.