Priority Registration

Important Dates

Spring 2016 Term Dates: January 20 through May 17, 2016

Spring 2016 Tuition Due: December 16, 2015

Spring Priority Registration 2016

To register before November 2, you must be enrolled for Fall 2015 credit courses.

Priority Registration (for current students) October 26 - November 1.  (Registration opens to the community on Nov. 2 and continues through Jan. 18.)

Please open and read your BucksMail email with the subject line 'Spring 2016 Priority Registration' for information specific to you. That email includes:

  • The first day you are eligible to register,
  • How to find advisors for your major (applies only to students active in degree or certificate majors),
  • How to access your Fall 2015 mid-term grades (withdrawal deadline is November 3, 2015).

You may register during this period if:

  • Your advisor enters a web-registration advising code for you or your Registration Form is signed by an academic advisor or (mandatory for all degree-seeking students).
  • You meet Placement Testing requirements.
  • You have no overdue financial obligation to the College.

SPECIAL NOTE: Bucks County Community College, in support of those who have served our country, will grant Veteran Students early priority registration.  At Bucks, this means that Veteran Students who have been approved for this program, have no outstanding obligations, and have met all academic advising obligations, will be allowed to register online or in person as early as October 21, 2015.  This date will be listed in the "Priority Registration" email sent to the Bucks student email account of all approved Veteran Students.  To view the complete policy, please visit

ALL Registration is conducted by seniority according to this schedule:
Day Date Credits
W-F 10/21-10/23 Veterans 9am-2pm Admissions Wed 10/21, 5-7pm Admissions
M 10/26 42 or more 9am-2pm Admissions 5-7pm Admissions
T 10/27 30 or more 9am-2pm Admissions 5-7pm Admissions
W 10/28 18 or more 9am-2pm Admissions 5-7pm Admissions
TH 10/29 12 or more 9am-2pm Admissions 5-7pm Admissions
F 10/30 1 or more 9am-2pm Admissions NO EVENING HOURS 
M - F 11/2-12/11* Open to all 9am-2pm Admissions NO EVENING HOURS  
Wed. 11/4 - 12/9* Open to all 9am-2pm Admissions 5-7pm Admissions

* No hours November 25 through 27.


Spring 2016 Priority Online Registration: October 26 - November 1.  

All students register by seniority.

REMINDER: Registration opens to the Community on Nov.2 and continues through Jan. 18

Academic Advising

All degree-seeking students (both Full-time and part-time) need advisor approval to register.

Details are available at

Click here for advising details for all campuses.

Online Registration - Open to all

November 2 - January 18 (Late Registration is NOT accepted.). All degree-seeking students (both full and part-time) need advisor approval to register (details at

In-Person Registration

  • Check seat availability on WebAdvisor or Student Planning; create or adjust your schedule accordingly.
  • Present your completed Registration Form. It must be signed by an advisor (or an advising code must be on your student record). NOTE: Your first day of eligibility for registration is based on the number of credits you've completed plus those now in progress. For your number, read your recent BucksMail email.
  • After check in, a technician will process your registration form and return two copies to you. (The yellow copy is your BILL and should be submitted with a mailed or hand-delivered payment. Keep the pink copy for your records.)

SPECIAL NOTE ON FINAL GRADES: Your Fall 2015 Final Grades will not be mailed to you.  Please view your grades online on or after 12/22/15.


If you register by December 15, the amount due will be written on your Registration Form (if you register in person) and/or may be viewed on WebAdvisor or in Student Planning.

Your payment must be received or deferred by the Student Accounts Office no later than Wednesday, December 16, 2015. If you are receiving Financial Aid, you must be officially deferred by December 16  or make payment.

You may pay online by credit card using WebAdvisor (select 'Make a Payment' under your 'Financial Profile') or Student Planning. If you register in person, submit the YELLOW copy of your Registration Form with your payment or pay online.

You may mail payment if you pay by Check, Money Order (payable to B.C.C.C.) or by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card. (Complete the credit card information on Registration Form or click here to download a payment form.

Our mailing address is: Student Accounts Office
275 Swamp Road
Bucks County Community College
Newtown, PA 18940

Payment may be made in person at:

  • Student Accounts (Linksz Pavilion, 1st Floor, Newtown campus)
  • Student Services (Rollins Ctr., 1st Floor, Newtown Campus)
  • Lower Bucks (Bristol) and Upper Bucks (Perkasie) Campuses

If you are unable to pay the total amount due at this time, Bucks offers a tuition payment plan.


The College may, at its discretion, drop all Spring 2016 courses of those students who fail to pay or officially defer payment by the deadline of December 16, 2015. Students will receive payment reminders via their Bucks student email accounts.

Click here for payment options.

If you decide not to take some or all of your 2016 Spring courses, you must drop unwanted courses by using your WebAdvisor or Student Planning account or by submitting a written and signed request to the Admissions Office.  Admissions Fax number: 215-968-8110.  (Drops can NOT be accepted by telephone.)

Students who use their Bucks student email account may request course drops by emailing  

100% refund through 1/19/16; 50% refund period begins on 1/20/16.