Registration Dates and Procedures

Other Things You Need to Know

Advising Requirements

Advising Requirements:  All degree-seeking students, both part-time and full-time, must have advisor approval to register.

Course Cancellations

Bucks County Community College reserves the right to cancel courses due to inadequate enrollment. If you should register for a course which is cancelled, you will be notified of the cancellation. Full tuition refunds will be made if the course is cancelled by the College and you cannot substitute a suitable course.

Course Prerequisites

Prerequisite Waiver Information: Many courses require a prerequisite course before registration is permitted.  Students may have fulfilled the prerequisite requirement at another college or university.  Students with previous college level coursework, earned in the United States, should submit a transcript, official or unofficial, from that institution to the Admissions Office to fulfill prerequisite requirements.

High School Transcripts (or GED scores)

Students who are applying for financial aid, and for certain select majors, are required to have an official copy of their *final official high school transcript (or GED scores) on file with the Admissions Office.  The transcript must be sent to the Admissions Office directly from the high school Guidance Office.

*A transcript is deemed unofficial if it is "issued to student," hand-carried by the student or third party to the college, unsealed, or missing the  signature and a school seal, if required.  If the student is currently enrolled in the other school when the transcript is sent, the transcript will reflect a current enrollment and an indication of unassigned grades. The transcript in this case, although official, is not final.

Placement Testing Requirement

Placement (Assessment) Testing: As of the 2007 Spring Semester, placement testing is required of all incoming students at Bucks (students enrolling at Bucks for the first time).  Students who were enrolled at Bucks prior to the 2007 Spring Semester are still under the previous rules, with placement testing required of all full-time students, and part-time students before registering for their 16th credit.

*Placement tests are not required for Summer enrollment unless the course requires any/all placement tests as a prerequisite.  Any student continuing with Fall or Spring enrollment will be required to take all placement tests (or provide a transcript for placement test waivers) prior to registration for the semester.

Placement Testing Waivers

Students with previous college level coursework, earned in the United States, should submit a transcript, official or unofficial, from that institution to the Admissions Office for consideration of Placement Testing Waivers.   All transcripts received for degree-seeking students  are reviewed for Placement Testing Waivers in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.   For Guest and Non-degree seeking students with previous coursework who need Placement Testing Waivers should submit an unofficial transcript to asking for consideration.


Residency Verification: All applicants for admission and enrolled students are legally bound to certify the county and state of their legal residency and are obligated to the College for the established tuition and fees.

Transfer Credit/Transcript Evaluation

Transfer Credits and Transcript Evaluations: Students who wish to transfer in prior college-level coursework towards a program at Bucks must apply for admissions then request an official transcript(s) be sent from their previous institution(s) to Bucks Office of Admissions.

Tuition, Fees & Refund Policy

Tuition/Expenses: Tuition and fees each session are due by the date posted.  After the tuition deadline for each session has passed, full payment (or payment arrangements) is due at time of registration.