Academic Warning, Probation and Suspension

There are three levels of "at risk" students at Bucks: Academic Warning, Academic Probation, and Academic Suspension.

Academic Warning

Students who have less than a 2.0 cumulative grade point average are considered "at risk of failing." Academic Warning is the first, and least severe of the 3 levels. However, now is the time to take steps to identify and correct any difficulties you may be experiencing.

Academic Probation

Probation is the second, and more severe of the 3 levels. If you are on Probation for two consecutive terms, you are in danger of being suspended.

Academic Suspension

Suspension is the most severe of the 3 levels. If you were on Probation for 2 consecutive semesters, you are in danger of being suspended. If Suspended, you are not allowed to attend the College for the designated semester.


For questions about Academic Warning and Academic Probation, please contact:

Susan Darrah
For questions about Academic Suspension, please contact:
Denise May