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Bucks is the right choice for students of every age and every stage of adult life. You can explore your career options. You can start here and transfer anywhere, taking your education to the next degree. You can satisfy your thirst for knowledge and continuing education in areas of personal interest.

If you’re a high school student, thinking about your next steps in life, applying to college is probably a new and maybe daunting experience. Don’t worry, we make it easy. If you’re an adult learner, returning to college after any number of years since high school, or since your last few college courses or previous degree program, you’re not alone. More than 40% of Bucks’ students share this experience. Let us help you navigate this transition back to the classroom, whether for credit or continuing education. If you’re a transfer student - either taking your first two years of study at Bucks before going on for your bachelor’s degree at a four-year institution, or transferring to Bucks from another college—we can help keep you on track. Wherever you’re from, and wherever you want to go, Bucks can get you there.