Success Stories

Image of Brett Diakon

Brett Diakon (‘00), a national sales director for an educational software company, led the Centurions Golf Team to the 1999 National Junior College Athletic Association National Championship. He won a golf scholarship to Elon University in Burlington, N.C., building on his AA in communication from Bucks to earn a BA in the same major.

Since playing at the BCCC Foundation’s Golf Classic in 1999, where golfers were goaded to “Beat the Bucks Brat” (which no one did), Diakon has actively served on the Foundation’s golf committee and is currently a member of its board.

“I chose BCCC because it had everything I needed – strong academics and credits that would transfer to almost any college or university. Actually, Bucks offered some of the most challenging classes and greatest life lessons, more so than the other institutions I attended. My ongoing involvement with the College has also allowed me to grow as a professional.”

Image of Szilvia Kammerer


Szilvia Kammerer (‘06), credits her AA in business administration with preparing her to manage the office of a pediatric ophthalmologist.

“I would highly recommend BCCC to other students for the same reasons I attended classes there: the convenient location, great range of class choice, wide major selection, and most of all the excellent professors and staff I had the chance to work with.”

Image of Susan Kenna


Susan Kenna Lutz (‘84), came to Bucks to change careers from paralegal to nurse. She became an RN, then a medical investigator for insurance fraud, then a clinical researcher for a pharmaceutical company. In 1998, Susan capitalized on her diverse talents to launch Veritas Clinical Consultants, a unique consulting company that designs and audits clinical drug trials for the pharmaceutical industry.

 “I loved the nursing program at Bucks. It was a challenging program that made you a good nurse. As a result, my nursing career has been the absolute solid foundation for everything I do.” 

Image of Patrick_Murphy


Congressman Patrick J. Murphy, an Iraq war veteran, former professor, and former criminal prosecutor, attended Bucks in 1991-92, completed his bachelor’s degree at Kings College in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., and earned a law degree at Widener University in Harrisburg, Pa. He says Bucks professors motivated him to find his path in life.

“I’m so proud that I started my academic career at Bucks County Community College and then went on to teach at the United States Military Academy at West Point. I would put a Bucks student up against anyone. That’s how great of a school it is.”

Image for Jaime Rojas


Jaime Rojas attended Bucks for three years (1996-99) then transferred to Widener University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in hospitality administration. The restaurant manager, who came to the United States from Mexico, says Bucks gave him a wonderful opportunity to start college and complete his degree at a private university.

 “I chose Bucks because it was close to home and very affordable, then found the classes to be just as challenging as Widener. It’s absolutely the best way to get an education, because the classes and professors are the same level as any university