Advanced Placement (AP) credits

Advanced Placement (AP) courses completed in high school may be evaluated for potential "transfer" credit. Students seeking this type of credit must submit an official copy of their AP scores to the attention of Admissions; scores must be sent directly from the College Board to Bucks to be considered official .

Advanced Placement Exam Equivalents

AP Examination Minimum Score Accepted by BCCC BCCC Course Code BCCC Course Title
Biology 3 BIOL 121 Biological Principles I
Calculus AB 3 MATH 140 Calculus I
Calculus BC 3 MATH 141 Calculus II
Chemistry 3 CHEM 121 Chemistry I
Computer Science A (prior to 2015) 3 CISC 115 Computer Science I - report will be sent to STEM for approval
Computer Science AB (prior to 2015) 3 CISC 122 Computer Science II with CISC waived and another course needed to make up additional credits-report will be sent to STEM for approval
Computer Science 3 CISC115 Computer Science I
Computer Science 4 or 5



Computer Science I

Computer Science II

English Language & Composition 3 COMP 110 Composition I
English Literature & Composition 3 COMP 110 Composition I
Environmental Science 3 SCIE 105 Introduction to Environmental Science
European History 3 HIST 111 History of Western Civilization I
French Language 3 FREN 110 Elementary French I
French Literature 3 FREN 110 Elementary French I
German Lang & Culture 3 GRMN 110 Elementary German I
Macroeconomics 3 ECON 111 Principles of Economics: Macro
Microeconomics 3 ECON 112 Principles of Economics: Micro
Physics B 3 PHYS 106 & 107 Physics A & B
Physics C-E&M 3 PHYS 122 Physics II
Physics C-Mechanics 3 PHYS 121 Physics I
Psychology 3 PSYC 110 Intro to Psychology
Spanish Language 3 SPAN 110 Elementary Spanish I
Spanish Literature 3 SPAN 110 Elementary Spanish I
Statistics 3 MATH 115 Elementary Statistics
Studio Art 2D Design 3 VAFA 100

Drawing Fundamentals 

Studio Art 3D Design 3 VAFA 101

2-D Design Fundamentals

Studio Art Drawing 3 VAFA 100

Drawing Fundamentals

United States Government & Politics 3 POLI 111 American National Government
United States History 3 HIST 151 US History I
World History 3 HIST 113 Global History:  Ancient and Modern World


Carol Ladd is available to answer questions relating to the acceptance of AP credits by either calling (215)968-8117 or by emailing

Policies related to transferring in AP credits to BCCC:

  • A student can obtain up to 30 transfer credits from all outside sources (this includes Advanced Placement :AP, courses completed at other colleges, and Prior Learning Assessment: PLA).
  • Courses that are not needed in order to complete your major at BCCC will not be accepted as transfer credits.

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