Steps to Admission

For High School Enrichment

1 Apply to Bucks. It's Free!

Apply Now

You must complete an application and obtain a student number as your first step.

2 Meet with your guidance counselor

Approval Form

Have you completed the application? You will need to meet with your guidance counselor before completing the High School Approval Form. 

Your student number will be included in your acceptance email.  Please retain it for your records, but if you need to, you can locate it here:

Check for your Bucks Student Number

3 Take Placement Tests

Testing Schedules

Have you filed all the necessary documentation? Now you need to take some placement tests.You will need your student number and a photo I.D. to test.

4 Register for Classes

Registration Information

You can register for courses via Student Planning, or by attending a walk-in Advising and Registration event.

5 Pay Your Bill

Payment Options

You must pay your balance by its due date to avoid being dropped from your courses.

Financial Aid is not available until a student has graduated from high school.