Steps to Admission

For those in legal permanent residency

1 Apply to Bucks. It's Free!

Apply Now

You must complete an application and obtain a student number as your first step.

2 Provide Immigration Documents

Foreign nationals (citizens of a country other than the United States) must also provide a copy of his/her immigration documents in order to complete the application. These may include a Permanent Resident Card or visa.

Those in legal permanent residency as established by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are eligible for the tuition rate of the county in which they live, but those who hold a visa are obligated to pay the out-of-state rate.

3 Take Placement Tests

Testing Schedule

Have you received your student number? Then you're ready to take your assessment tests or receive exemptions/waivers.

4 Orientation Part I: Get Advised and Choose Your Classes

Make an Appointment

Have you taken your assessment tests or received an exemption/waiver?
Then you're ready to connect with an Educational Planning Advisor to choose your classes.

5 Orientation Part II: Set the Stage for Success

Reserve Your Seat

Have you made your advising appointment?  Then reserve your seat for Orientation Part II.  During this fun and interactive session, you will learn to successfully navigate through your first semester at Bucks, and beyond.

6 Orientation Part III: Attend a New Student Welcome Event

Reserve Your Seat

Have you reserved a seat for Part II?  Then reserve your seat for Part III now.  New Student Welcome Events are designed for new students to meet our departments and services face-to-face.

7 Pay Your Bill

Payment Options

You must pay your balance by its due date to avoid being dropped from your courses.