A Letter to International Students

From the Dean of Academic Affairs

Dear International Student,

Welcome to Bucks County Community College. We are so pleased to have you join us and want to emphasize our desire to make the "community" in community college a reality for you.At Bucks, you'll have an opportunity to explore your field of study, your skills and talents, and your future. Our outstanding faculty will introduce you to new perspectives and experiences, bringing learning to life through engaging activities.Along the way, we hope you'll find the time to discover new interests and develop new friendships through a variety of programs and organizations sponsored by the College and designed to support your academic success by extending learning beyond the classroom walls.Finally, please know that all of the staff and faculty at Bucks are here to support you, whether it's helping you better understand our culture, succeed in your studies, or navigate life's obstacles. It is truly our pleasure to help you, so don't hesitate to ask for assistance.We look forward to having you, our new international friends, as members of our community.

Barbara Yetman, Dean of Student Affairs