Steps to Admission

For those foreign nationals seeking F-1 status

1 Read the Requirements and Procedures

Read Requirements

Please read the requirements and procedures for applying to Bucks as an international student.

2 Complete and Submit Documents

3 Wait to Hear Back

The documents you submit will be reviewed within approximately two (2) weeks of receipt.  Be sure to provide all required information to avoid delay.  Using the contact information you provided, we will contact you or your designate to schedule an appointment and to discuss the rest of the process.  Those individuals not in the United States will be contacted by email.

4 Contact Us

As soon as you are notified of the government's decision regarding your F-1 status application, please contact our office for the next steps to enrollment.

5 Placement Tests and Registration

Testing Schedule

Once you been awarded F-1 status, you must take our Placement Tests before receiving academic advising.  Transfer students should submit an official transcript from their previous institution for possible testing waivers.

Important note about online courses:  F-1 students are limited to 3 credits of online instruction per every 12 credits in a given semester in order to maintain full-time status.

6 Pay Your Bill

Payment Options

Your tuition must be paid following College due dates.  A payment plan is available through our Student Accounts office.