College Terms Every Student Should Know

Application: The document you submit requesting admission to an institution. You can access our free, online application at
Registration: The point at which you sign up for your classes. For course offerings and registration dates, visit
Matriculated: To be enrolled at a college or university. If you apply to Bucks as a guest student, that indicates you are currently matriculated at another school.

Semester: The term used to specify the division of the academic year. Bucks has two 15-week semesters (fall and spring). We also offer an intersession and two summer sessions.
Credit: The unit used to measure the time requirements of a course. The average college course at Bucks is 3 credits.
Full-time: When a student is registered for 12 or more credits a semester (typically 4-5 classes).
Part-time: When a student is registered for anything less than 12 credits a semester (typically 1-3 classes).

Certificate Program: A shorter-term program that may be completed within one or two semesters.
Associate Degree: A degree granted by a two-yea college. The typical associate degree is a minimum of 60 credits. Bucks offers two different types: Transfer Degree Programs and Occupational Degree Programs.
Transfer Degree Program: A type of associate degree which is designed to parallel the first two years of study at a four-year institution. These degree programs have many general education requirements along with the more basic courses required for the major.
Occupational Degree Program: A type of associate degree designed primarily to prepare graduates for entry-level employment in positions which require both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
Bachelor’s Degree: A type of degree which usually requires a minimum of 120 credits and takes an average of four years to complete. Bucks does not offer bachelor’s degrees but is accredited and offers a variety of transfer agreements to students who wish to continue their studies
at a four-year institution.