Adults, the "Non-Traditional" Students

"Back-to-School" is not just for kids, it's for adults, too.  Whether you are 25 or 45 or older, going to college can have different challenges from someone just out of high school.  The following information is intended to encourage you to start and to help you succeed in a college environment.  Whether coming to Bucks to jumpstart your career or for your own enrichment, your goal is our goal.

Who are "non-traditional" students? 

Students who left high school a few or more years ago are considered non-traditional.  Older, more mature, probably paying their own way through college (and possibly paying for their children's education, too!), non-traditional learners have a desire to learn and life experience that can benefit them in their continuing studies.

Why should you go to college?  

To learn new skills, to seek new jobs, to increase earning potential - all of these can be achieved with an advanced education. You might want to earn your college degree, in areas such as Business Administration, Computer Science, or Criminal Justice.  Or you might want to explore a new area simply for your own personal enrichment.  We offer more than 75 programs of study and hundreds of courses.  

How will you juggle your personal responsibilities with educational aspirations? 

It's all about management:

  • Managing your time: 
    "There are only 24 hours in a day. You cannot change that, but you can use them wisely. You can fit college into your life with flexible scheduling and online learning options. Plan ahead, organize your time, prioritize your tasks. Make this a habit, and you'll find time for school and yourself!"
    Mandy Reilly, Faculty Counselor, Student Services
  • Managing your money:  
    "As an adult student at Bucks, you may receive aid for your educational costs to attend college if you apply for financial aid.  There are opportunities that are available as long as you complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). We offer federal aid, scholarships and loans to attend college.  Scholarships are also available for non-traditional students. The community college is an affordable education that is manageable with smart choices."

    Donna Wilkoski, Director, Financial Aid
  • Managing your test anxiety, starting with placement tests:  
    "Review, practice and familiarize yourself with the format of the tests.  Preparation will increase your confidence and decrease your anxiety.  For more on how to prepare, please see our website where I'll talk you through the basics."

    Aaron Krassner, Director, Testing

When should you enroll? 

NOW!  There's no time like the present.  Return to the Admissions Checklist and get started! 

Bucks County Community College offers hundreds of interesting classes, a variety of academic programs, and a faculty of learned and dynamic instructors.  Come join the thousands of other non-traditional learners who have taken advantage of this valuable resource.  Hear from a few of them

For more information or to meet with an Admissions Representative, please contact us at or 215.968.8419.