Budgeting/Money Management


EducationPlanner is your one-stop career and college planning website. EducationPlanner provides practical and easy-to-understand advice to help prepare students for the important decisions they will face in the future.


Become a smart borrower so you are prepared for the future.


Provides quizzes to determine your financial knowledge and then directs you to the resources that allow you to learn what you need to.  Also has an excellent guide that allows you to create a working budget for yourself.


A government site that supplies you with articles and guides from different agencies that give advice on money management, understanding loans and repayment, and provides you with access to grants and scholarships.


American Institute of CPAs website that provides information on a variety of financial topics, including credit cards, college, and workplace finances.


As a consumer, it pays to be smart when choosing and using a credit card. This site--maintained by the Federal Reserve Board, whose goal is to protect the credit rights of consumers--provides a basic guide to navigating the credit card process.