Payment of Awards

The College pays financial aid scholarships, grants, and student loans by direct credit to your student account on a semester basis. Your aid will be credited to your account as soon as possible after you have returned all required forms and classes have started. Enrollment in Modular courses will delay payment of awards until the modular course begins, please plan accordingly. The payments typically begin after all drop and add activity is completed and the refund period has ended. A change to your original enrollment status will require a revision to your awards and also could delay your payment and refund you may receive.

You may be able to charge your books if you have financial aid awards in excess of the amount needed to pay tuition and fees. To take advantage of this service, please contact the Financial Aid Office during the first week of class during any semester.

Financial Aid Refunds

Financial aid awards in excess of the amount needed to pay any outstanding balance owed to the College are refunded directly to students. Late financial aid awards are processed as soon as administratively possible. Late refund checks are issued to students throughout the processing year. In general, students can expect to receive their refund check within 14 days of the date their financial aid is paid to their student account, assuming that classes have started, the refund period has ended and there is no change in their enrollment or other eligibility criteria.