Reading and Study Skills

Fall 2017

Newtown, Lower Bucks, and Upper Bucks Campuses

Students should schedule an appointment with a writing tutor, who can help with writing, reading, study skills, and AESL. Students are permitted to meet with a writing tutor for two 30 minute appointments per day.  The second appointment is scheduled based upon availability and  must be scheduled by using the Tutoring Appointment Request link, calling 215-968-8044, or stopping into the Newtown Center in L210. Please click on the Writing link to view the the current semester's writing tutor hours for the Newtown, LBC, UBC, and Virtual Campuses.

Please note: The semester schedule is subject to change. Click on Schedule Appointment and sign into TutorTrac™ for the most up-to-date schedule. 

What We Can Do:


  • help you learn how to use the dictionary and thesaurus
  • help you with the definitions of your vocabulary words
  • help you write the context clue sentences for your vocabulary words
  • help you understand an assignment you've been given
  • help you to write your Reader's Digest summaries
  • help you to brainstorm before you write your reaction to the articles you are summarizing
  • help you with the assignments for the book you will be reading

Study Skills

  • help you to devise a time management plan for studying
  • help you to study for exams more efficiently
  • help you learn how to read better and retain more of what you have read
  • provide you with information about:
    • improving your note taking and listening skills
    • managing your test anxiety
    • identifying and eliminating study distraction

What We Can't Do:

  • do your homework for you
  • be of any assistance with take-home quizzes or tests
  • tutor for placement or standardized tests, such as the Praxis, the TOEFL, the NLN, etc.