Fall 2015

Newtown Campus

Student are permitted to meet with the psychology tutor for one appointment per day.  Second appointments may be available with a writing tutor based upon availability.  Please click on the links below to schedule or request a 30 minute appointment.  You can also stop into the Tutoring Center at L210 or call 215-968-8044 to request an appointment or for additional information.

Please note: The semester schedule is subject to change. Click on Schedule Appointment and sign into TutorTrac™ for the most up-to-date schedule.  Psychology tutoring begins the week of August 31st.  Second appointments with a Writing Tutor must be scheduled by using the Tutoring Appointment Request link, calling 215-968-8044, or stopping into the Newtown Center in L210.

What We Can Do

  • help you utilize for your psychology text and class notes
  • help you understand concepts in the class
  • help you understand an assignment you've been given
  • help you learn how to prepare for a psychology test
  • help you focus on and interrelate the various concepts in your course

What We Can't Do

  • be of much help if you come to the Center the day your assignment is due or the day of the test
  • do your homework for you
  • be of any assistance with a take-home test
  • guarantee that you will get good grades
  • tutor for placement tests or standardized tests